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Monday, August 13, 2012

 Today found me very, very busy.  

5:45 am - wake up wishing I hadn't.  Getting to bed at 11 pm due to church night and waking up with chirping crickets is never a good idea.  To no avail - my body has its' own alarm clock so I was ready to go for the day.

6:30 - apply female warpaint after an invigorating shower. Do hair and put salve on recovering ingrown toenail.

7:15 - Eat Special K cereal with five year old brother, eating his beloved congee.   Tell him I'm headed to the Crisis Pregnancy Center for the morning and be flabbergasted when he chirps back, "Yeah, you help mamas not kill their babys, pow pow!"  (Insert scrunched up face and lion roar.)  WHERE did he get that??!!


 9:00 - arrive at the CPC.  Continue to be trained by the very dear ladies that work there.....enjoy coffee (and a donut that I shouldn't have had)....sort a big box of the most adorable baby girl clothes...learn how to do the pregnancy being around the wonderful women there!  They are so sweet and godly.

3:00  - head over to our pastor's house to pickup David, who spent the day doing battle with other guys at our church via Axis and Allies.  There was war - and Pirates of the Caribbean music playing - and cookies - and at the end of it all, a brother with a 100* fever.  Yep.  We went home. :-)  He's been sleeping on his bed ever since.

4:00 - dry a million dishes that Mom washed by hand due to a broken dishwasher.  Isn't that lovely when you have eight dish-dirtiers?!:-)

5:00 - eat dinner (leftovers) and give in to Isaac's plea for a slice of green pepper.  That's our Isaac.....he would eat a raw onion if we'd let him!  He LOVES anything fresh and raw.  Potatoes, lettuce, carrots, celery, pepper (any color but orange is preferable)....

Now - typing up this blog post.  (By the way that photo above was taken on my phone....that's why it's poor quality. :-)  But it was on the way to church, and it was cute.  

Tonight, we seem to have ice cream on the schedule....perhaps an Andy Griffith?, some last-minute family time with Courtney before she leaves for Alabama tomorrow, a possible Skype session with a very dear friend, and probably going to sleep listening to whatever's on my ipod - Chip Ingram (love his messages), and a whole huge hodge-podge of worship music.

Another day.  A good day.  And tomorrow?  

More of the same.....including the female-warpaint bit and probably another hilarious conversation with one of my little brothers.  :-)  Ah, life.


Susanna said...

Wow...Isaac's little comment was hilarious! :) I actually like that pic. Isaac would eat ANYTHING!?!
Amazing. (I don't even like green peppers, or onions:()

Caiti Marie said...

Definitely sounds busy! You wake up a lot earlier than I do. :-)

Heh. Our family has been washing dishes by hand for the past five years or so. If you think it's hard with eight, just try doing it with eleven! But actually, I prefer it this way. It makes more sense for our family.
I hope you enjoy your last day with Courtney!

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