Family Pics and Spam Emails

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The progression of trying to get a group picture.....

It's raining right now as I type this.  Cloudy and cold out.  True long-sleeve weather!  Unfortunately it's just a tiny cold front that is lasting for a few days.  But I'll take anything. :-) This is definitely the day for   coffee and a cozy book.....(though in my case that has to be the SAT book).  Speaking of, my test is less than a month away.  At this point my score seems to be hovering around the mid 1200's.....not amazing but not too bad either.  I guess it will depend on the questions they ask me and how focused I'm able to be on test day!

I have been getting so many spam emails in my inbox this last month or so....they're actually pretty funny to read:-)  And, yes, occasionally I do get bored enough to explore my spam folder.  In fact I just opened a very interesting one informing me that the Federal Bank wanted to give me 11.4 million dollars, and to do that, they only needed my full name, address, bank account information, social security number, phone number, pretty much anything that would be called, um, confidential information.  

And then I get the ones ALL the time telling me, in run-on sentences and no punctuation,  "rachel check out this amazing new weight loss trick i used it and lost 300 pounds so do all the stars you can look like them and find your destiny just click here."

(Apparently, from the horrific grammar, spelling, and lack of punctuation, the spam-email-writers weren't homeschooled.)

And no I never "click here".  Just sayin.

Ok, I'm done rambling about my spam folder.  I can get desperate for blog material sometimes.  


Courtney said...

!!! The file cabinet has made it from downstairs in the living room to upstairs where it belongs! It only took like a year!! LOL!

Rachel's Blog said...

haha you noticed that!! yeah we finally got tired of it....moved it about a month ago. When it was gone I felt like we were missing an important piece of furniture or something....but just got a nice big picture yesterday to fill up the wall space lol

Anonymous said...

i love the photos! sooo super cute! your little brothers are adorbs!i totally know what you mean about the spam emails! i get a lot of spam texts like "this is best buy we will like to give you a free ipad and enter you in a drawing for a tv. please give us your address and "private information" thank you."..... so annoying and totally fake!-Follower of Christ

Kiah said...

Gotta love that spam email! :) Too funny.

Oh, that tiny little cold front that brought you rain and cold temperatures? Up here it brought us snow and *freezing* temperatures. We got a lovely dose of winter, including chores in eight degrees. :)

Rachel's Blog said...

Kiah - oh!! I want your weather!! Our cold spell is kind of dying off. Back to short sleeves. :-)

Susanna said...

I've never got any Spam emails yet, and hope that I don't. Sometimes I usually email to myself things I need to remember, so a few times I make up some weird character and email to me, and then I 'reply'. But I feel like I'm mentally retarded, or lonely when I do, and then I tell myself to stop. :D

Rachel's Blog said...

Aw Susanna, you're not retarded!! That is funny though. I've been told I must be really bored to check my spam folder. But honestly sometimes there are interesting things in there! And sometimes regular emails go there so I have to rescue them. :-)

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