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Saturday, January 23, 2010

We had snow last night - probably an inch or two. And it actually snowed quite a bit more this morning!
And it has now melted. But the mountains are still covered with it, which made for some fantastic pictures.

This is our view from the back porch.

This is the view from the boy's room - lovely, isn't it?

I just love our mountain views!

And a day or two ago, Courtney snapped this photo of a giant rainbow....that actually ends on our property! It looked like it did, anyway.

(Hmm - wonder if there's gold down there?)

Here's Willie, all curled up on the porch.....enjoying a cozy winter nap.

David happened to be out in Mesa's pen retrieving an empy chip bag that she was chewing on - it ended up making a cute pose!

A wet and muddy mule and a handsome big brother.

In other news........we are currently packing for our China trip! Yes, packing. I haven't packed a suitcase since I was eight years old! I've never traveled internationally before, so this is going to be a very new experience.

Remember the new pictures of Isaac we got a few days ago? Here's a few more - the little guy in the orange is Isaac. This one is half of his face.....but at least he's smiling!

There's our little guy!

Anyway, you wouldn't believe how excited I am to go. The past few days have been...well...passed with ....um, "little activity" (a.k.a. wasted) because I am too excited to really do much. Only seven more days - but what long days they'll be!

Seven more days of being without Isaac...


it's also seven more days of a particular freedom that I won't have for years to come. Like.....leaving candles un-attended throughout the house.

Or leaving a bottle of Advil on the counter. And temporarily leaving a pair of scissors on the floor. Or laying my violin loose on my bed between practice.

Those are things I definitely cannot do when Isaac comes! But it's a small price to pay, and I won't miss them, except for leaving candles unattended. I am such a candle person! However, I'm sure I can make the sacrifice. :)


MAJOR correction

Friday, January 15, 2010

Alright, who really believed we were going to be in China for 6 weeks? Big mistake.....I typed in the word "March" instead of "February".
The correct dates are January 30th - February 13.
Sound a little more reasonable?


Travel Details

Thursday, January 14, 2010

For those of you who asked.............

We are leaving for China in 2 weeks - from the 30th of January to the 13th of March. We are OUTRAGEOUSLY excited! Prayers would be so appreciated for safety and easy transition of our little boy into our famiy.

As I said before, I will not be blogging about our trip - I am letting Courtney handle that on her blog! If you'd like to follow our trip, click here .

Thank you all for your kind comments! I look forward to getting back to blogging in March when we return. Right now we're keeping busy trying to prepare and get the house cleaned. Mom's exact words this morning were.....

"I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels - I have so much to do I don't even know where to
Now that is a feeling I can relate to - how about you?
The suitcases are layed out and we have begun packing....a little bit. Of course it's still a bit early, but we were so excited when we got our travel approval that we just had to get them out!
Lord willing, I'll be back on the blog in just a few weeks. Until then.....


I'll Be Back.....Later

Friday, January 1, 2010

As we are approaching our trip to China here in the next few weeks, I am going to be very busy!
Packing, making lists, getting nervous, this and that...
.....mostly just thinking about this little guy.
So, from now until we return home from China, I will be handing the blogging reigns over to my sister Courtney - she will be recording our entire trip....as it happens!
So stay tuned at her blog for all the latest - pictures, events, and EXCITING happenings! I will be back to blogging after we get back from China.


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