Quilt Give-Away!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here is a beautiful, truly beautiful, quilt that is being given away at marie-madeline studio! Entering is very easy - make sure you do it!!


A Look Into My Hope Chest.......

After hearing about Elissa's upcoming post about her hope chest, I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures about what's in mine! Courtney and I each have a hopechest from our great-grandmothers, so they are both very special family heirlooms!

Here's a display of most everything that is in my hope chest at this point. I'm not really intent on filling it up quickly for marriage; I just think it's fun to create beautiful items!! (Actually, I'm very bad and beginning a project and never finishing; most everything you see in this photo is NOT made by me!!) I have several doiles from a friend, a beautiful crocheted baby blanket from another friend (Thank you Kayla!!), a wedding ring quilt hand made by my great grandmother, several dishes either bought or passed down, and a white tablecloth. But I am working on a few things.......buried underneath is a quilt I've been working on for hmmmm...lets see.....3 years now? I'm also working on a crocheted baby blanket. So you could say I'm a bit slack in the "working diligently with her hands" department. (At least as far as my hopechest goes!!)
Here I am working on my baby blanket.

That's it for now - come back soon!!!


Pictures of Isaac!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Most of you have probably already seen these pictures of Isaac on my sister Courtney's blog, however......this little brother of mine is so cute I just had to post pictures anyway!!

Awww......what a sweetie!!!

Hmmm...it looks like he's on a window ledge here.

This happens to be my absolute favorite picture of him - his nanny in the backround looks so proud of him. I'm sure she loves him very much!

And here's a "before" photo, before he had is cleft lip surgery. The difference is amazing!

Wow - what a huge difference. This little guy is so cute - I can't wait to go to China and bring him home!!!


Boys and Arrows

For those of you who have brothers, you'll understand why I think boys and arrows belong together. It is a very boy thing - Jonathan and David love doing target practice together!

Here David proudly shows off his bow Jonathan made him.

An impressive profile of a very determined young man!

This happens to be a very good picture of my cute little brother (who's actually a BIG brother now!!!)

Rex keeps an eye on things.....

...and here is Daisy, now nearly 4 months old! She's proved to be quite the little piglet when it comes to milk and hay!

No, we didn't come home from the store with all these onions - they're from our garden! We put them on our picnic table to cure. I was amazed at the huge harvest we got! (We haven't bought an onion at the store for a while, by the way. We're well supplied for a while!!)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alright everyone,

I am VERY SORRY for such a belated post! We have been busy (as usual) and I just haven't gotten around to posting for the longest time. So......I was in the middle of uploading pictures and Courtney had to take her flashcard out of the computer to take a picture of a magnificant dust storm that just hit. So......:) tomorrow I'll post lots of pictures!



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