Boys and Arrows

Friday, July 17, 2009

For those of you who have brothers, you'll understand why I think boys and arrows belong together. It is a very boy thing - Jonathan and David love doing target practice together!

Here David proudly shows off his bow Jonathan made him.

An impressive profile of a very determined young man!

This happens to be a very good picture of my cute little brother (who's actually a BIG brother now!!!)

Rex keeps an eye on things.....

...and here is Daisy, now nearly 4 months old! She's proved to be quite the little piglet when it comes to milk and hay!

No, we didn't come home from the store with all these onions - they're from our garden! We put them on our picnic table to cure. I was amazed at the huge harvest we got! (We haven't bought an onion at the store for a while, by the way. We're well supplied for a while!!)


Lindsay said...

Great pictures, Rachel! I agree, boys and arrows definitely belong together. My brother has a bow and arrow, and he loves practicing his archery. :) And that it a lot of onions! I bet y'all won't have to buy any from the store for a long time. :) Anyway, thanks for posting these pictures!

~ Blessings,

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