Pictures of Isaac!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Most of you have probably already seen these pictures of Isaac on my sister Courtney's blog, however......this little brother of mine is so cute I just had to post pictures anyway!!

Awww......what a sweetie!!! looks like he's on a window ledge here.

This happens to be my absolute favorite picture of him - his nanny in the backround looks so proud of him. I'm sure she loves him very much!

And here's a "before" photo, before he had is cleft lip surgery. The difference is amazing!

Wow - what a huge difference. This little guy is so cute - I can't wait to go to China and bring him home!!!


Lindsay said...

He's just adorable, Rachel! I bet y'all can't wait to go get him. :)

~ Love,

Miss Jen said...

He is SO adorable!!!!

Rachel's Blog said...

Lindsay, we CAN'T WAIT to get this little boy home! He just turned two this april, so he's still pretty little. We just need to get him into some boy clothes instead of all those flowers and ruffles he's wearing in the picture!

Angelica said...

He's sooo cute!

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