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Sunday, February 24, 2013




California Re-cap

Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally, the rest of the pictures from my trip!  Sorry it's taken me this long to post them.  I have been crazy busy since I got back - I was still living out of my suitcase as of yesterday, but now I finally got unpacked.  Getting laundry caught up, got my room back in order, diving back into SAT study.....anyway.  

One of the days I was with the Rhodens, they took me to see Huntington Gardens.  It was beautiful.  It was basically a huge garden with lots of little gardens inside representing different parts of the world; Japanese gardens, tropical gardens, desert gardens, etc, and nice walking paths in between. We spent hours there just walking and taking pictures.  It was truly a photographer's dream! There were so many people bent over tiny plants just trying to get that perfect picture; meanwhile, I kept thinking what an amazing place this would have been to have had my graduation photos taken last year!!!  Just a little bit of a drive, that's all.....:-)

This particular park bench with the colors behind it and the perfect lighting made me drool.  I made Cassie sit there for several awesome portraits.  Isn't she gorgeous?  Her outfit even matches the scenery perfectly. 

Wonderful Mrs. Rhoden.  She was such a sweet hostess!!  I loved chatting with her and hearing her godly wisdom (which, by the way, she happens to have in abundance.  I learned a lot.), and just observing how she ran her household.  I love watching others and "collecting" ideas for how I want my  home to run someday. :-)

Curtis was gentlemanly enough to let me steal his "rock seat" so we could have a picture together.   He's so cute.

After touring the gardens for several hours, Mrs. Rhoden bought us all hot chocolate and coffee.  It was a wonderful treat.  Needless to say, all that walking tired us out I think - but a good kind of tired. 

Chocolate cherry scones.  Mmmmm.  Made my yours truly.  And mostly eaten by yours truly, as well.   No one seemed to really like the combo of chocolate chunks and dried cherries.  But, as my personal montra goes, if it doesn't have chocolate in it, it isn't worth eating. So they were kind of my favorite.

We had a special Valentine's Day breakfast with heart shaped bacon, chocolate chip pancakes (apparently they caught onto my montra), strawberries with chocolate syrup, and juice.  A sweet breakfast for a sweet day. 

We spent a TON of time playing Apples to Apples with Hannah and Emily.  That was so fun!  With the five of us, we had a hilarious group and got rather, um, slap happy.  It was quite fun.

One evening, we went to the beach for a picnic dinner and bonfire!  That was by far one of the highlights for me.  It was so, so breathtaking.  The waves crashing against the beach, the sunset, the air that didn't smell like fish (loved that), seeing dolphins jump out of the was a perfect evening.

No, Cassie is not engaged.  Forgive me for posting this Cassie.  It was just too cute.  It was one of those  moments where I was like, "look at each other and smile, or laugh, or talk....look like you like each other."  Didn't exactly plan on the "cute couple" look.  But it's still cute, he he. :-)

Cora looks tired......but she quickly found her second wind after this picture. :-)  

Cassie and Emily.  

Pardon the out-of-order picture.  This was at John MacArthur's church, which we went to on Sunday.  Unfortunately he was gone that week, so I didn't actually get to hear him preach. But it was still a good service, and I got a free book by him because I was a visitor.  And the Rhoden's bought me a fabulous book at the church bookstore, Radical Womanhood.  It is SO good - it covers the roots of feminism and   where we are as a culture today, plus a very in-depth description of Biblical femininity that I haven't really considered before.  Like I said, it's fabulous.

Yes, I'm wearing that pink jacket, again. I'm kind of in love with it. But no I didn't wear it the entire trip. :-)

What a fantastic week with some of my dearest friends.  The more time we spend together, the closer we get....I am so blessed to know this family!  Everything from dish-washing hilarity because of 2nd born superiority to funny movies to inside jokes like "one won't hurt" and our inability to say our r's.....need I mention Tom Cruise, Cassie? Ah, what a trip.  So much laughter and a huge blessing to me.


Breakfast at the Coffee House

Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, I am back from a tremendous week with the Rhodens!  It was such a fun time.  I really needed a break from everything that's going on here; so an entire week by myself with some very dear friends was a wonderful opportunity.  Each day was spent laughing, talking, sharing, and just deepening existing relationships.  It was a true blessing for me.

One morning while I was there, some friends of the Rhodens (whom we met last time we visisted) invited Cassie and me for breakfast at their family's coffee shop.  It was such a lovely morning!  We met at 8:00 and stayed until 11:00.  Long time? Yes.  Great time? YES. :-)  I had an iced mocha latte, and we all split several pastries.....chocolate cherry scones, berry muffins, croissants, etc.  Mmmmmm.

Hannah, Emily, and Cassie.  I love these girls.  We spent so many hours sharing and talking about "girl things".  Really fun.

I love those kinds of conversations that just go on for hours and hours, and no one wants to stop.  It was really neat to share what's going on in our lives...the good and the bad....different challenges we're facing, and all the funny stuff in between. These girls were such an encouragement to me.

 Who here thinks it would be totally awesome for your family to own a coffee shop?  :-)  I'm sure it's one of those things that doesn't seem that amazing if you have it....but to an "outsider" it seems pretty ideal!

It was a true pleasure to get to know Hannah and Emily better this time.  Warm coffee, yummy pastries, encouraging conversation, "sharpening" each other in Christ.....the works.  What a great morning.


What Love Is

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Otherwise known as actions speak louder than words.

"This is love for God, to obey His commands."  (1 John 5:3a)


If we truly love the Lord, our motivation to do what He asks us to do will go beyond just telling Him how much we love Him.  It's the kind of love that leads us to action. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week - and Happy Birthday to my dad, who has a Valentine's Day birthday! :-)


Hey from California

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Having a wonderful time with some very good friends!!! More pictures when I get home.....but here area few to tide y'all over for now. :-)


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