Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today it was just the little boys and me at home - I was so exhausted from my very-largely-packed-day before, so staying home all day sounded perfect. I even got a few minutes of slumber during a very boring exhilerating showing of a Thomas the Train movie in our living room.  The boys loved it.  Except they had to keep waking me up to skip to the next eisode when one was over.

 In the morning though, we headed to our "clubhouse" where all the fun stuff is for our housing development.  The boys and I played a 15 minute game of mini-golf.  They had fun but weren't totally thrilled with the rules.  So we bypassed those, ha ha.  

 We brought (aka I brought) a picnic lunch that we had at the park right next to the golf course.  It was great eating a 10:30 am lunch in the warm sun in the lush grass with the two cutest kids in the whole world. :-)
These pictures are NOT amazing.  Apologies.  I was feeling rather lazy. 

 So today has been a pretty relaxing home day. :-)  I'm also pretty excited that I got a second nanny job yesterday - the interview went great, the kids are cute and well behaved (4 yrs and 4 months), and better yet, the family lives less than a mile away from us.  I could literally ride my bike over there if I wanted.  (And with my paying for fuel these days, I probably will do that at some point!)  Anyway, I start when I get back from my vacation. Very thankful for another job!

Aside from my headache, the fact that I'm dreading having to head to the gas station again tomorrow and fork over another $50 for gas, the messy house that I don't feel like cleaning up, and a grossly un-deserved traffic ticket I received.....I had a pretty good day. :-) 

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, so I will be doing a post about that soon!


Abby said...

Your brothers are so cute! It looks like you had a great time playing mini-golf. I wish I could have been there. :) And I know what you mean about Thomas. :P

Congratulations on your job! And traffic tickets aren't fun, either.
Say happy birthday to your mom for me!

Anonymous said...

Your brothers are so cute!!!!!
I love your blog!!!
Happy birthday to your mom!!

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