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Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's Saturday night.  8:27 pm, to be exact.  In my pj's, waiting for Dad and David to get home so we can watch my new *favorite* movie ever, Father of the Bride.  It had me in stiches the whole time I first watched it last week!!

House clean.  The smells of carpet fresh and vanilla candles waft across the room - the fruits of my house cleaning labors this afternoon.  For years I have told my family that our house has this never-ceasing smell of corn chips; so I do my best to remedy that with....well, scented chemicals.  Laugh if you want -  but smells are a big thing for me and I like them to be good. *Ahem*

Trying to type this blog post carefully, since I just painted my nails and I am famous for ripping them up before they even dry.  I get too impatient and start using my wet fingers, and pretty soon they're smeared.   I won't tell you how many times I've had to clean nail polish marks off my piano keys.....

Excited because yesterday, Dad and I toured Pima Community College.  I think it's finally going to happen.....yes, Lord willing, I plan to start classes in the fall!  And I will truly be pursuing my LIFE long dream of being a nurse.  I've wanted to be one since I was five.  Funny how that's stuck with me all these years. :-)  Meanwhile, I hope to spend my summer months saving up for all those lovely college expenses ahead.  But thankfully, being a community college, it will still be very affordable.

Tomorrow...church.  I truly love Sundays.  Perhaps a relaxing breakfast at Denny's after the double services Calvary is now having....a cup of coffee, warm biscuits and gravy, and some good Bible reading time.  Mmmmm, lovely.

My CPC work continues on Monday.  I'm now seeing clients of my own, and let me tell you, it's been a stretching experience.  But I have learned so much.  Like learning how to express my concern for these women and their unborn babies in a loving, tactful way.  That tactful part is super important, too.  I am so glad thankful God has allowed me to be apart of this ministry!  It has really opened my eyes and I have grown from the experience.

A job interview Monday night.  Nice, I'm going to need that money for college. :-)

And the rest of the week?  Begin preparing for my upcoming trip to CA!!! I am so excited.  An entire week, by myself, with some very dear friends.  What a treat.


Cassandra said...

Oh, what a lovely post. It was nice to get caught up on everything that you've been doing lately. I look forward to hearing more about your college plans.

But... very soon I am going to have you to myself for a whole entire week! *eeep* I am so excited to see you, Rachel, and just talk and laugh and cry and have a tremendous time together.

I might be convinced to share you with Connor, Theresa, Curtis, and Cora... but only a little bit. ;)

(huge hug)

I love you, girl! See you soon! :D

Susanna said...

What job are you interviewing for?

I have that same problem with painting my nails as well. :p

Rachel's Blog said...

Susanna, it's just another nannying position. :-) But way more hours and better pay AND very close to our house, a big bonus!

Cassie, I am simply DYING to see you and all your incredibly family members!! EEK!!! :-) I can't think about it. I get too excited.

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