Day 7

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wow - we're on day 7 already! I can't believe they've been gone a week! It seems like they've been gone much longer; yet it also seems like they just left. :) We miss you guys!!:)

One thing we've been having fun with lately is watching Season 1 of Little House on The Prairie! Our neighbors loaned us the first two seasons, so it's been fun to see. It's such a good wholesome movie!

And now, for pictures of of our "Little House on The Prairie"..... (I mean Desert)....

Here is our garden this year - rows and rows of corn growing strong! (Yes, notice the weeds in there too!!)

Fresh onions......

....corn-on-the-cob in the making.....

....and two very cute pups!

A classic Arizona sunset. It's starting to look like summer around here! Things are really greening up! (Yes, look at the green on the ground!! It's weeds.)

"See ya later!"


Miss Jen said...

I LOVE "Little House on the Prairie" too!! Your garden is simply marvelous!! What beeee-autiful green onions indeed!

With much Love,

Courtney said...

Hey Rachel and Mom!!
Loved the blog posts - I am jealous of all the fun you are having!! We're having a great day at the Hoovers right now - YAY!
I looked at the photos of the Blowers - I couldn't believe how massive they were!
I'm taking lots of photos- you will never recognize Samuel and Jacob Baumgartner - they're HUGE!!!!!!!! MIchaela has also really grown up into quite a gorgeous young lady.

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