Monday, November 16, 2009


Yep, here it is! I've been saving this one for a while - but here it is! Thankfully, this is a short one.

1. Have you ever ridden an elephant?

Absolutely not. I stick to safe activities.

2. Have you ever eaten squid?

Nope - and I don't plan to, either!! I am not a seafood person.

3. What is something crazy you have done with your best friend?

Well....I don't really think I've ever done anything "crazy" with my friends, but I have done a few pretty silly things with my siblings before. Examples? (please remember that all of the following examples are from years and years ago. Ahem.)

Together, all four of us have:

~Held a presidential election meeting in the basement of our house.

~Dressed up as homeless people,

~Run a pretend shoe store in our living room

~Played "pharoah/slaves"......yes, we did. We dug a mud pit and made mud bricks and pretended we were all slaves under the evil rule of pharoah (a.k.a. our Dad.)

~Tried to make our mom a special breakfast in bed and accidentally sprinkled chilli powder on her toast instead of cinnamon/sugar

~Re-inacted the movie "The Grinch" and raided the kitchen cabinets of all food on a very early Sunday morning, much to the chagrain of our parents.

~Spilled wood stain (alot of it) on our brand new tile floor only days after we'd moved in

~Devised a plan to cut electricity bills and family expenses so our family could adopt a little girl (which still hasn't happened)

4. Have you ever held an alligator?

Held an alligator? Are you kidding???

5. Have you ever let a snake slither through your fingers?

No comment.

6. What is your first and foremost dream in life?

I have a lot of dreams...but my TOP one is definitely knowing and doing God's will; having a close relationship with Him, serving Him with my life, etc.

7. What is your dream vacation?

Going to China.....ahh...what bliss!!

Oh, wait a minute - we're going there anyway.

8. What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?

Funniest movie would have to be Huck Finn (our version, anyway.) Besides those, we love the Andy Griffith Show!! (And yes, I have to admit - all four of us kids were pretty near hysterics the other day when we reviewed our "Winnie The Pooh" movie the other day....for the first time in proably 5 years!!)

9. What is your favorite song?

Favorite? I go through "phases" on this one. Right now I'm currently enjoying the songs that are on my blog, "On Faith Alone" and "Blue Skies".

10. If you could change the world in one way, what would you do?

Make everyone a Christian!!


Miss Jen said...

Oh~ I LOVE Andy Griffith too!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this tag! Amazing! I would love if you came by my blog and followed me.

Many blessings,

Lillie said...

I am not a seafood person either, Rachel. I know how you feel :)

Abby said...

Hi! I found your blog on my sister's blog. You are so blessed to be adopting a little boy from China! He is SO cute!


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