I Never Thought I'd See The Day.....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

....when I'd purchase two extra large shirts for myself.  Really.  Nothing wrong with that particular size.....it's just that I'm, you know, eighteen? Kind of small still?   

But today, that's exactly what I did.  And no I have not gained a hundred pounds overnight.  These shirts fit me perfectly.  I mean, like, to perfection. My exact size.  And yet they are XL!

This isn't a new phenomenon either.  I've seen this sizing problem for years.  It's rather funny, because I never buy clothes according to size - it never fits!  The small size for this particular shirt was about 2 inches wide.  Hmmm, wonder why?

The size I'm supposed to be in is always grossly tight.  And, that's the way it's meant to be.  But....I am not exactly into the explode-out-of-your-clothing look.  So I usually buy a size or two bigger, hence my XL purchase above.  (And look at that great price!)

Don't be afraid to go against the tidal wave of what looks popular, friends.  Seriously, just because something is a good price or what everyone else is wearing doesn't mean it's modest.  I would have been having a difficult time breathing if I'd bought this shirt in my size.  There's just no reason for it!  Be careful as you pick your clothing ~ as you browse racks of clothing, look for modest, not necessarily popular

There's nothing wrong with looking fashionable and modern.  But be selective.  Be picky and choosy. 
Be modest.

I'm able to find modest clothes pretty easily ~ skirts/modest pants are easy to find, and tops of most any kind can be worn modestly with a little tweaking.  Tank tops under any low-cut shirt work terrific....small jacket sweaters over sleeveless shirts are great, too.  It definitely take some creative thinking!  But it's not hard to do, and SO worth the effort. 

Anyone else out there finding that XL clothing fits them to a tee?!


Heather said...

XL never fits me... Probably because I'm usually an extra small! But I sometimes do have to so Small or Medium! But usually I shop in the *gasp* maternity section! I can buy my normal size in a cut that's flattering on me (empire waist)! It's great! And sometimes very awkward! ;)

Stephanie said...

Love those shirts! And the prices... :)


Anonymous said...

I often have this issue too. Technically I'm supposed to be a "medium" but some of the mediums and smaller sizes out there practically look like doll clothes, lol. I've also bought several long-sleeved tees and tank tops that can go under low-cut things, because I have a difficult time finding shirts that don't show a little more skin than what I prefer. Having the time and skill to make my own clothes would solve a lot of problems. :)

Mikala said...

I'm with you in the 'explode-out-of-your-clothing' arena. Finding loose-fitting, cute, yet modest shirts is SO hard these days. However, I do wear high-necked tank tops underneath low-necked shirts and that is a huge help (plus it looks super cute!) I can't say that I've ever bought a size XL that fits to a T, but I do have some shirts that are larger than I care to admit because they shrink in the dryer. So...yeah. I can understand your "delimma," Rachel :-)

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