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Saturday, March 7, 2015

 So I've been asked many times by several different people to post pictures of our apartment!  FINALLY I am doing it. :-)  Most of these pictures were taken on different days, as different parts of the house happened to be cleaned haha - so that accounts for the variance in lighting!!

 This is our room.   I love having a comforter on our bed - it's one of those little things that just makes me happy (as opposed to a quilt).    I think it was raining the day I took this picture - that's why the window looks all spotty lol.

 I took this picture at Christmas time when we had our tree up :-) That's gone now of course, but I always have the white lights on top of the kitchen cabinets.  I love the coziness of them in the evening and early mornings!! 

 The top of our bookshelf - I finally got around to ordering prints of our wedding photos, so this one's on display.  Sorry it's kinda blurry here.

 Our bathroom.  You might have noticed by now that these aren't very spacious shots; our apartment is small and cozy so these are more like places rather than different rooms :-)  Though our bedroom is seperate from the living room.

 And this - is our "linen closet"!!!  It's actually quite handy having this big ole' basket with fresh towels in it right next to the sink / shower.  Easy access.  Plus it forces me to actually fold them up and organize them. :-)

 Quick caveat here, just had to say that I am LOVING these soy candles from Target right now.  This lavender one I keep in our room - since lavender is supposed to "enhance sleep" I usually light it in the evening when we're both getting ready for bed.  It's so relaxing and yummy smelling :-) David knows me so well now that if I'm in the shower, he'll go ahead and light all my candles for me throughout the house to make it smell good. 

The kitchen and living room are sort of combined - it's nice and open-feeling. 

We have a big window in the living room that our kitchen table is right in front of.  I got this Scripture decal from Hobby Lobby and put it above our window - I love it!  It's the perfect touch. 

This week I've really started noticing some baby movements!!  Sooo exciting to feel finally!!  It's mainly at night when I lie down and am totally still, I start to feel my little pumpkin swimming around in there lol :-) Sometimes it's really pronounce and I feel all this pressure on one side or the other, and then when I feel with me hand at that spot, there's this big hard lump there.  It's so crazy!  It feels so amazing to know that I have the privilege of being this baby's home for 9 months.  Pregnancy is truly a miracle.


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