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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Decorative Recipe Cards

I got this idea from a fellow blogger, Miss Jen! When my sister and I saw the idea on her blog, we thought it was such a good idea that we are now busy working on our own! You can customize and decorate your recipe cards to fit your preferences, and then cover them with contact paper to prevent future splatters and stains. I have been on many recipe-copying marathons before, and when I looked at a rather old recipe that had chocolate banana batter smeared all over the back of it, I knew it was time to start copying again! (Although I think this "round" of recipes will probably be quite long lasting!) You can be as creative as you want - Courtney is copying her recipes on plain notecards or store bought recipe cards, while I am decorating them myself (it's so much more fun!) Either way, it is a great way to have a nice collection of pretty recipe cards that you can both use and treasure for years to come.

Copy your recipe onto a card. I am using calligraphy pens of all colors for the recipe title, and then use a nice black pen for the actual recipe. I also cut my own cards out of plain or colored scrapbook paper. Having a plain card gives you room to decorate as much as you want!

Decorate them however you like, using stamps, stickers, or anything else. One way I decorated mine that is kind of fun is to cut flower petals from old greeting cards or craft paper, and then "construct" the flower using photo stickies. Miss Jen's blog shows this in much better detail!

Cover your finished recipe with contact paper on either side. (Make sure that your recipe is truly 'finished' before you cover it....I did one that I thought was finished, but after I covered it with the contact paper, I discovered I hadn't written out all the baking instructions!)

The finished product!

I am having fun making all these recipe cards. Since I am naturally "crafty", I was excited to get started! I hope you all enjoy making your own!


Miss Jen said...

What beautiful recipe cards!!!
Isn't fun to do crafty things?!
All of your cards look lovely.....you have beautiful penmanship, very neat and feminine it is indeed!
Hope you had a wonderful day!!
Many Blessings. ;)

Love Your Sister in Christ,
Miss Jen

Rachel's Blog said...
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Rachel's Blog said...

Thanks for your comment, Miss Jen! I thought your recipe cards were very pretty, as well. I am still working on how to use calligraphy pens properly...but I'm sure I'll learn! I just love doing crafty things!! :)

Love in Christ,

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