Ride'em Cowboy! (Or is it Goatboy?)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The boys were putting the goats away for the night, and David decided to go for a "goat ride"! (Notices the "reigns" he's holding - it's actually the leash!) Even though the rather bumpy ride is often interrupted by Jasper's apparent need for constant "snacking" (notice the grass hanging out of his mouth below), it's a fun and unpredictable ride all around! The pictures aren't the greatest, as it was pretty dark out already, but I thought it'd make a good blog post anyway.

For a goat, Jasper does a pretty good job of keeping David off the ground! As easy as it may look, goat riding isn't easy - David has been aboard a galloping goat at least once so far when Jasper got spooked by the mule!!


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