Happy Birthday, Isaac

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tomorrow is April 10th, Isaac's birthday.
We just couldn't be happier that this little guy is here to celebrate it with us!
On seeing Isaac for the first time, a 10 year old boy from our church said, "Can I hold this little bundle of sunshine from above?"
My sentiments exactly!

The same lump in my throat when we met David for the first time was present also when we met Isaac for the first time, just two and a half months ago. He was the most serious little guy in the world, somber and sad...with silent tears running down his cheeks.

But now, enjoying life and surrounded by a family who loves him to death....

....he couldn't be happier.
(And neither could we.)
We love ya, Isaac!


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Haley said...

Happy birthday, Isaac!!! :)

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Abby :D

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