Tale of a Cowboy by Isaac Krause

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey everyone, it's me, Isaac.
I have an amazing story that I got to tell ya'.
Author's note - (this story is merely fiction and does not contain a word of truth.)

This afternoon, I was feeling particularly restless, as all true cowboys do. I told Rachel I'd be outside riding Black Beauty if she needed me. She said okay.

As I was ridin' along, and feeling keen on the saddle, I spotted a great rattler a few feet yonder.

And let me tell you fellers, it was really big! This big, to be exact.

I stood up straight, strong, and manly and disposed of that slimy reptile. He tried to strike me but I struck him first - course I didn't tell Rachel, cuz' girls get scared sometimes.

I checked to see if Black Beauty was doin' okay. She was, so I kept on ridin'.

Then after a while, I checked my watch and noticed that time was wanin'. I knew I had to get back to the ranch and do the chores, so that ended my adventure.
All in a day's work, really - that's what we men are here for.
Thanks for listening to my story, everyone!


Leah said...

HE HE!! That is so funny and cute!!!

Thanks for sharing Isaac's adventure. ;)

So funny!...


Anonymous said...

Haha! That was a cute story.. :) I enjoyed it. :)

Jenna said...

How cute! You are so creative, dear friend!

Your Sister In Christ,

Fiddlin Girl said...

Haha!!! That was WAY too cute. I loved how the pictures fit perfectly with the story (or is it the other way around?? ;) ) lol

Thanks for sharing! Your brother is really adorable.

In Christ Alone,

Fiddlin Girl said...


I awarded you over at my blog! www.jcangus.blogspot.com

Also, happy birthday!

In Christ Alone,

Eden said...

Sweet story, Rachel! Isaac is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Lily said...

Aww...I LUV it!

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