Day At The Park

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The other day, Courtney and I took Isaac to a nearby park.  The plan was to take Joshua along too......however his trip to the park was canceled after bad behavior - aka trying to stick his hand in between the slats of one of our floor fans.  While it was running.  Yeah, not the greatest's not like he has that many fingers to spare.....and that was his third time attempting that this week.  He thinks it's a hilarious joke to do it and today Mom layed down the line with him!  So he stayed home with Mom while Isaac got to go.
Isaac loved the swings - as long as someone pushed him.  We tried to teach him how to pump his legs and swing by himself but I don't think he got the idea!  We'll keep working on it! 

I am not too old for a swing!!!  It was fun to get on a swing and go super high like I used to when I was little.....for a few minutes I wished I was six again and could re-live those days when I could play my days away and let Mom and Dad take care of everything. :-)  Life is certainly easier in all respects when you're under the age of about 9 or 10......gets increasingly complicated as you get older.

Ahhhh....grass.  Green grass.  Thank you sprinklers and fertilizer.

This post wasn't intended to be featuring Isaac after last time's post...but alas Joshua was unavailable due to behavior issues!!  He is quite the dramatic when he doesn't get his way. 

 At this point Isaac was beginning to get hot and flushed so we didn't stay too much longer.  He gets overheated pretty easily....never mind the temperature was blazing!! 

 I went down the slide a few times but quickly decided to stop because of all the electrical shocks I was getting from the plastic slides....something about my skirt rubbing against the plastic created some serious shocks - and they hurt!  I don't know why Isaac wasn't getting shocked.  Dad, as an electrical engineer maybe you have an answer for me??  Leave a comment! 

Courtney and I both brought our cameras - I felt a little silly standing right next to her taking pictures of the same things, but hey, what can you do when you both have blogs and cameras!!??


Abby said...

Fun! Looks like Isaac had such a good time. Too bad Joshua couldn't come.

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