Cute Turkey Cookies

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today, being "Thanksgiving Eve".....well, it was (still is, actually) a very very busy day.  We're having a pretty large group of friends coming over tomorrow to celebrate with us!  So today we're making pies, salads, TURKEY, etc. 

So anyway, I was wondering how we could have Thanksgiving this year without making these adorable little turkey cookies?  With Isaac and Joshua?  They make any project fun.  We got all the ingredients at the store the other day and had fun making one this afternoon together.

No, Jonathan wasn't helping to construct his very own turkey cookie.   He happened to be passing by and since he seems to make a rare appearance on my blog ~ he jumped in for a pic!  At this point, I don't think either Isaac or Josh knew what we were doing; they were just happy to be holding such delicious packages. 

 Have I ever mentioned that Isaac is the total clown of the family?  He has so totally lived up to what his name means, "Laughter".  He is such a funny guy!  But back to the cookies.

 Double-stuff oreos with chocolate frosting stuffed in the cracks and candy corn make the back of this
yum-licious creature.  The chocolate frosting acts as the "glue" that holds the whole cookie together.  I used five candy corns.

More glue, plus a Reese's PB cup, leveled off, to make the body.  I think I would use more frosting next time, as I ended up with a pretty weak and fragile cookie.  It would not have made it off the kitchen counter without falling apart.  (Thankfully, it didn't need to - if you get what I mean!) 

Use one whopper to make the head for this turkey. 

Who ever guessed that glue could taste so good?  For once, a glue that has no "DANGER, keep away from small children, toxic if swallowed" type labelsJust good old yumminess.  Except, if you look at the ingredient list on the back, maybe it should have a warning label on it.  Hmmm. 

This is the cookie, 3/4 done.  Funny how the home-made version of these cookies never quite look like the magazine picture???!!

And here it is, the finished creation!  I was slightly disapointed that my little turkey friend turned out so messy.  Good for eating, but I was hoping for some more impressive blog pics!!  Fortunately that was ONLY my first try.  We have plenty more ingredients left, as you can see from the pictures.  Perhaps when I finally get the hang of it I'll post my professional picture.   Meanwhile, I'll just make heavenly delicious mistakes!!

Aha!  They finally got it!  When I added the eyes and nose, they realized what it was actually supposed to be!  Isaac was a little nervous about holding the tray....but I told him to just hold it steady and smile.   He was trying to figure out how to hold the tray steady, smile, and look at the turkey and tell it to smile, too all without dropping it! 

He did fine.  And they both enjoyed an early turkey feast. 


Cassie said...

Those cookies are so fun, Rachel! I'm sure that Cora and Curtis would love making them...

Isaac's funny face made me smile.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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