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Sunday, November 27, 2011

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We certainly did ~ we had over thirty people at our house and a lot of good food....a walk to the park, fun games, and delicious desserts.  We don't have a lot of family, and both sets of grandparents live several states away, so instead we got together with other families from our church.  It was a really blessed time!

 God gave us beautiful weather for Thanksgiving!  We even got rain in the evening (rare for where we live!) so that was a real treat. 

Our tables were full and crowded!  Paper plates, silverware, cups, and napkins came in SUPER handy.  We had bowls of candy corn at each table, so after the meal, each person took one and told one thing they were thankful for. 

Isaac was so excited for everyone to come.  While we were waiting on the porch, he was playing jump-rope with my dog leash, (or trying to, anyway) and I was surprised to hear him say, "Rachel, put down coffee - come play with me!"  It was so cute!

Unfortunately, although I  had great intentions of taking tons of pictures on my camera...somehow I got seriously distracted with all the festivities and my camera sat on the desk the WHOLE time!  Courtney ended up taking all the pictures from our day, so you can visit her blog to see more of our Thanksgiving.

Yesterday David was busy working on his bike - apparently his brakes weren't working.  His job took a while, but Isaac and Joshua were captivated and were happily occupied "helping" him for over an hour! 

Apparently it was really stuck!  He got it though!

Joshua can be extremely photo-genic, but he sure was having trouble yesterday.  When he gets silly he likes to put his hands over his eyes or do this goofy grin.  Here, he just wasn't looking at the camera!  But he's cute anyway.

I am so thankful for these boys!  A year ago we were still waiting to meet Josh.  And two years ago we had just gotten an update on Isaac.  And now, we finally have both little guys home.  I am so incredibly thankful that God blessed us with them!

I took Joshua for a walk the other day, and we were looking at a nativity scene.  Thinking he knew all the figures from his Christmas book we've read over and over, I asked him who the baby was in the manger.  Without missing a beat, he replied "Baby Moses!"  Huh!  Sounds like we have some work to do!

So that's about the latest from here.  Today we're putting up the Christmas tree - I'll definitely be doing a post about that soon! 


Anonymous said...

Baby Moses...haha! That is the most adorable thing I've heard in a while. :) I love your Isaac and Josh stories. I hope I get to meet them one day. :)

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