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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ever seen the movie "Ratatouille"?  We recently watched and thought it was hilarious. 

The story follows a small rat of great talent.  He has an amazing ability to cook - but his rat family tries to get him to forsake his dream of being a chef and just be a normal rat.  Eventually, "Remmy" joins up with a real chef and a five star restauraunt and proves his culinary abilities.

You know the main line of the movie?  "Anyone can cook".

I was thinking of renaming that line as "Anyone can sing".  Hmmmm. 

Have I ever told anyone that I love to sing?  My family members are probably in disbelief as they read this post because they have never heard me sing.  Because I can't stand to have anyone hear me.  It's too embarrassing. I can only sing by myself.  In private.

My stage used to be the goat shelter, and my loving audience, my herd of goats.  They actually liked my singing. (In my judgement, anyway.) I would muck and sing, muck and sing. (Quite a combo.)   Pearl, my dairy queen, relaxed and would almost go to sleep on the milk stand as I milked and sung, milked and sung.

However, my new stage is our living room, and my new loving audience, David, Isaac and Josh.  I sing when I stay home and baby sit them.  When no one else is around to hear me!  And, after finishing a song, I'll ask them how I sounded.  They tell me what they think.  I asked Isaac this afternoon how I sounded and he said,

"Good, Rachel, I liked that."

Knowing that my singing passes the toddler test is a small comfort.  They could be plugging their ears and screaming at me to stop.  Apparently I'm not that bad.

However I've never had anyone else hear me sing.  Because that would be way too embarrassing. 

So unless I develop a highly-trained voice overnight, my singing is still a *shhhhh!* secret.  That I only allow certain audiences (like my undiscriminating, forgiving, and unknowledgable little brothers).

But, hey, "anyone can sing", right?  Maybe.  And then again, maybe not.  I've yet to record myself and actually hear how I sound. 


Lily Marie said...

I sound terrible when I sing on recordings. ;) Real life is way better for my voice.
P.S. I love Ratatouille! =)

Stephanie said...

Yep, we own Ratatouille... and love it. :) I love to sing too, but goodness knows my voice sounds horrible sometimes. Plus, I'm alto, so I can't go up really high. :P


Anonymous said...

Yep...I've watched it and enjoy it! :-) It's so well-made, isn't it!

Lily Marie, know how you feel. I have a TERRIBLE voice :-D (particularly on recording)

Heather said...

Rachel, I'm sure your singing is lovely! And you've been tagged! :) Love you!

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