Hiking With the Rhodens

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yesterday we had a really fun time with our friends the Rhodens who are visiting us!  We went hiking with them in Sabino Canyon.....it was gorgeous and we had great weather.  It was all cloudy and cool......we didn't get hot at all!

We hiked up to the waterfall which was absolutely gorgeous.  It was so gorgeous that Courtney tried climbing it - and ended up falling down and getting totally wet in the process!
Jonathan, my handsome brother, who rarely makes an appearance on my blog!  We got great photos of everyone in the canyon because it was so lovely there.

Thinking this may be a great spot for graduation pics?  Hmmm.  May have to return to try that out in the coming months!

Jonathan impressed us all with his water trick.  For years he has been able to shoot water out of his teeth with tremendous force!  I can do it as well, but  he is definitely better at it.

A group shot!  We had SUCH a great time together!

This is the *dangerous* spot where Courtney had her fall!!  We had fun navigating through all the rocks and the small streams.

It was so pretty up there.  Since there were clouds everywhere, the mountains were partially covered, and getting up close was very neat.

Courtney is *in love* with this cactus!! 

Showing our pure terror at the mountain lion warning.  We didn't see any, but I sure didn't like seeing that sign!!  It reminded me that they are around!

I am normally not a fan of self portraits, but this one was so cute I had to share it.  We girls are having so much fun together!

We're having a wonderful time with Cassie and Connor!  Tomorrow we are going bowling - very much lookin' forward to that.


Carrie said...

Haha! The warning picture was so funny!! Looks like some pictures I did with friends once for a scavenger hunt at family camp. We had to do a different thing for each object/location that we found for the hunt. (Like holding our noses near the doggie bags at the beginning of the trail.) Some of them turned out quite funny. =)

And you actually squirt water out of your mouth??!! Sweet, graceful Rachel squirting water... Unfortunately, I've never really accomplished that feat very well. =) (It's these sort of things that the world doesn't realize girls like us do. Yes, we do do things like this... when you're not looking. =) I'm better at squirting water out of a hose... haha.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! It looks like you had a great time! The last time I went hiking, our family went on a trail, and there was a huge cliff on one side most of the way. With little kids, it wasn't exactly ideal, but we still managed to enjoy it. It was the one that my mom hadn't wanted to go back to ever again, and then she forgot which one it was, so we ended up going back. :/ It was kinda nerve racking on the parts where the trail was very narrow, and we had to go single file, over rocks. I hope someday to go on a hike back to a ghost town in our state, maybe with my brother. =) (I like hiking and camping.)

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