Isaac's Fifth Birthday

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We celebrated Isaac's birthday on Tuesday....he was so excited for it!

Isaac is TOTALLY enthralled with his doctor kit.  He was so excited to get it......and especially likes having siblings pretend to throw up in the little bed pan that came with the set.  :-)  Sound gross?  But also familiar from days gone by?  Yep, we used to have a doctor kit when we were little too. 

Poor Joshua had a rough time of it, watching big brother get so many fun things.  We kept assuring him that his birthday is coming soon.

Candy Land!!  The board game that every toddler must have!  The game has changed a little since I played it all those years ago....but it's essentially the same and Isaac loved it.

Pool sandals and rings!  It was so fun to watch the joy Isaac had as he ripped open his presents.

The one thing Isaac asked for many times prior to his birthday was a Bible.  And not just any Bible, but a big boy Bible.  He got one!

Of course, Dad HAD to get out his guitar!  It's traditional! 

What a blast, giving big sis a shot in the arm with his new plastic syringe.  Courtney looks rather jubilant, considering the needle involved?!  I just pass out.  Literally.  (With real needles, that is.)

Isaac specifically requested orange cupcakes for his dessert.  He is absolutely enthralled with the color orange; he has been ever since he came home from China.  It all started with his little orange jacket that he came in......since the jact got to small and we put it away a year and a half ago, he grabs on to anything orange, and used to say, "Just like my orange jacket!"  When I asked him what color icing he wanted on his cupcakes, he said the expected - "Orange! It's my favorite."

Had to practice before hand on blowing, not spitting.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  We love you so much!


Anonymous said...

I love it that the one thing he really wanted was a big boy Bible. That is so sweet and awesome. :)

The Farmgirl said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate being 5.....with all your favorite things! Candy land is such a fun game...haha we still play it every once in a while even though my kids are 18, 13 and 10! Great pics of the day Rachel!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, little man!
You are such a sweet family!

Miss you!
much love,

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