Nebraska Trip, Part 3

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Towards the end of our trip, we visited the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha!  We LOVE that place!  Our grandpa used to by us year-long family passes we went there so often.  It had been a long time since I'd seen it, so it was a great time!  It's truly the best zoo in the country - I think that and the San Diego Zoo are rated the two best, right?

 Bad picture, but gives you a view of the humungous waterfall behind us.  It's enormous.

 This rope bridge always makes me nervous!  It has to be sturdy enough if they've let people walk across it for years....but it's always so jiggly and feels like it's about to fall apart.  Thankfully there weren't any alligators housed below...just large water animals that I don't even know the name of, and I think there was a water python, too?!
 We almost ran through the Desert Dome area because it was slightly....boring. Everything there that they labeled as "exotic" or "can only be found in certain parts" were pretty much old hat for us - those "certain parts" are right where we live.  Javelinas?  Seen 'em. Heard 'em.  Rattlesnakes?  Seen WAY too many of those.  Cactus was not even worth stopping to look at.  And the black beetles?  Like I said, we breezed through that area super fast.  :-)

 I loved seeing their huge aquariam again.  I could sit and watch the sharks and fish swim around was a slightly mesmerizing place.

 By time we got around to looking at the outdoor large animals, it was the end of the day, and they'd already finished off their dinners and were sound asleep.  So all my pictures of the *exciting* animals are sleeping pictures!

 You know all those warnings and signs that say "DO NOT TAP ON THE GLASS" around all the dangerous animals?  Am I alone in admitting that I did in fact tap on the glass when I was little because I desperately wanted to hear one of these lazy animals ROAR instead of sleep? I was half-tempted to do it again this time.

 At the end of the day, we made it to another of our *favorite* Nebraska restaraunts, The Bohemian Cafe.   SO GOOD. 
Dumplings, sweet and sour cabbage, and some sort of meat dish? that Dad got. Mouth watering.  *Groan*

Well, that's it for the Nebraska pictures!  I do have one more small post left with some pictures of my grandparents hometown....kind of interesting.  But this about wraps it up.  Regular posting will resume shortly!

Everyone here is sick - we haven't had colds this bad run through the family in a long time.  Now that the three oldest of us kids are out and about with jobs and school, we have a lot more oppertunity to bring home germs for the rest of the family......(sorry about that Mom!).


Cari Anne Heartwood said...

Haha! The lion with his tongue hanging out looks like he's dead. Or play acting that he's dead. =) I don't think we have quite that many animals in the zoo near us. That rope bridge looks cool (though it does look like you could fall through or something). Thanks for sharing all these pictures of this trip!

The Farmgirl said...

Oh Rachel, Loved those great zoo photos especially the one of the lion with his tongue sticking out! THAT made me laugh but on the other hand I am sorry you are all sick.Got a cold remedy on my blog...check it out! It may sound gross,I'm sort of partial to it:) but it seems to work. Praying you are all better soon! P.S. Wonderful grad pics too!

Cara said...

THE best zoo in the country! Henry Doorly is one of my favorite places in the world. We're planning a trip there this summer :0)

Emily said...

Love the zoo pictures! Looks like so much fun!
Elizabeth has been asking to go to the zoo, so we're most likely going for my birthday tomorrow. It will be Elizabeth's first time, so I can't wait to see her excitement!

And that restaurant looks aaaahhhmazing! Looks super pretty and funky! ( =

Hope you are all doing great!

Much love,

P.S. Hey, didn't you just have a birthday? Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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