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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm still working at the coffee shop several mornings a week, as well as some weekends.  It feels good to be earning some money and putting it all into savings.  :-)  Now that I know what I'm doing and am fairly proficient at everything, I'm able to relax and not be all jittery when dealing with customers.

(photo courtesy of Cassie)

~So our summer is in full swing, as are the summer temperatures.  It has been SO hot recently.  However, I can deal with heat, as long as there is some air conditioned hole nearby I can crawl into and hide.   Normally the coffee shop is frigid - the air conditioning is on all day, and we're not allowed to adjust it.  And that's great, because if I get too cold I just open a window or sit and die bake in the sun for a few minutes, right?  However, when the air conditioning dies, that's another lovely thing altogether.  Wow.  The other day I covered the afternoon shift and was met with a wall of stuffy, hot air as soon as I opened the door.  Not good.   That afternoon, delirious for me. 

~For some horrible reason, whenever I talk on the phone with any of the other employees, or the owner herself, I have the phrase "I love you" ready to roll off my tongue at the end of the call.  I'm SO used to just saying it to any family member I'm on the phone with, so when I talk to anyone else I'm paranoid I'm going to say it to them, too.  And I've had several close calls.  (And no, this has nothing to do with the movie Courageous.)  At the end of a phone call, I usually end up muttering some incoherent phrases, anything, just so I don't accidentally blurt out "I love you".   The weird phobias I have....
~I noticed the coffee shop was reading 109* yesterday afternoon.  (Like I said, the air conditioning is broken.)  Is it any wonder one of the employees quit last week?!  So I resorted to rubbing myself down with ice cubes and dreaming of the new ac unit the owner said she was going to install.  One of the guys that works at the front desk in the building next to the coffee shop felt so bad for me he brought me a popsicle.......nice gesture, but I'm thinking he intended it to be more than a sweat reducing gift?  Hmm.

~Today when I came to the coffee shop I was SO excited to see the new ac unit up and running.  So now instead of an oven I work in a refrigerator.'s freezing in there now! I'm contemplating bringing a jacket next time or something.

~We're hiring some new people, and I have gotten to train the last two.  That has been kind of fun.  That and studying for the SAT fills my spare moments at the coffee shop.  Another big plus is that when my shift ends at 1:00, I get to head to our huge pool next door and swim for an hour or so.  I'm learning to strike the difficult balance between tanning and burning...lots of sunscreen and constant surveillance on one's appendages is definitely a I get to see Jonathan, who lifeguards and teaches swim lessons there.  It's fun to see him teaching toddlers how to swim. :-)

~Now that I'm "out and about" a little more, I'm around a lot more kids than I used to be.  And I am simply blown away at how often everyone swears....seriously, even little kids do it.   It seems that swear words are used as often as regular words - and no one cares what they're saying.  It blows my mind when teenagers use foul language without even blinking an eye. Definitely something this homeschooler is glad she "missed out on" by growing up sheltered.  :-)


Sam said...

Enjoyed the post! Sometimes the ones that aren't about anything in particular are the funnest to read =].

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