My Grad Party

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last Sunday was my long awaited and highly anticipated graduation party!  We held it at our church, and many of the families that attend church came for my party as well.  It was such a special time, celebrating with friends and family!

 On one table, we displayed my diploma, grade school pictures, as well as scrapbook pages from my very first day of school....thanks to my creative and diligent scrapbooking-queen mom!  We also had a slideshow playing of my growing up years.

My diploma!  Excuse the slitty eyes. It seems to be hereditary?

We bought two huge sheet cakes (thanks Costco!), one chocolate, and one vanilla.  All the way to my party, the Joshua made it very clear that he wanted a chocolate piece, and Isaac of course had to have the opposite, vanilla. :-)

 Courtney and I are ready to start chopping away!  :-)  The cake was very good....but also super rich.  The card said that each cake was filled with 2 POUNDS of chocolate mousse / buttercream frosting.  Whoa. 
I could taste it.  (And feel it too.)  The first bite was heaven.  The second was good.  The last bite?  Definitely done with cake.  And now the leftovers reside in our freezer....not too much in the mood for any now!  A little bit goes a very, very long way.  :-)

I enjoyed talking to Ashley as we waited for guests to arrive.  Thanks Ashley for all your help!

The first guests - the Rhoden family!!!  This was the highlight of my week!  They traveled 8 hours just to attend my graduation party, plus spent another day with us at our home.  Awesome, awesome friends.

Cassie and I had so much fun talking ya, girl!  It was such a blessing to see their family again.



 About halfway through the party, Mom and Dad both got up and presented their words of encouragement for me.  It was a special time.

 And then the diploma was presented!

A hug from my amazing teacher, who also happens to be my mom! :-)

 And that concludes the pictures for now.....a HUGE thank you to Mr. Doughty for taking such great pictures of the whole party!  Even if my eyes were half-closed in every photo, they are still blog-worthy.  :-) 

Maybe I need to invest in some toothpicks to prop my eyelids open or something.  Argh. 

Ah, well, we had a lovely time and I am so thankful to now officially be a homeschool graduate!  Thank you Mom and Dad for such a fun party.  :-)


The Farmgirl said...

Hi Rachel, Congrats on your graduation, looks like you had a wonderful day! Praying that the Lord blesses you :)

Kayla said...

Great pictures Rachel! Haha, even though I was there, I still enjoyed looking at the pictures. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Rachel!
I was wondering if I can take some of the pictures and put them on my blog just to say congats?

Hannah Elizabeth (Banana) said...

Hi sorry I think I put my name as elizabeth not on purpose. sorry it is still hannah c

Rachel's Blog said...

Hey Hannah,

Thanks for asking! Of course, you are welcome to any of the pictures on my blog. :-)

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