Hot Summer Days

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our summer has kicked off nice  (Busy, too!)  The heat makes great business for me at the Coffee Caboose - every little kid wants snow cones - but not so fun on the bike ride home from work.  :-)  Thankfully it's a short ride so it's nothing to complain about.  However I'm very thankful for air conditioning when I get home!!

 Josh, in all his cute glory.   He has so many nicknames that I collaborated them all into one long one:  Chunky-monkey-snuggle-bunny-cute-big-Joshua.  I call him our snuggle bunny because he is such a snuggler; and also our emotional one.  He and Isaac disagree hugely on the subject of kisses:  Isaac hates them and Josh loves them.  Whenever they get to disagreeing about it, Joshua will say "I love kisses!" and then come give me one just to prove it!  It's so cute.  Thank goodness I still have a brother who likes kisses and snuggles!  :-) 

 We recently got a basketball hoop!  Actually, when we went to Nebraska a few months ago, one of Dad's renters left their hoop after they moved out - so, amazingly enough, we took it apart and drug it aaaaallll the way back here.  David got a basketball for his birthday, and we've been having great fun with it.

Poor Jonathan is finally making his appearance on my blog after, oh, months? of being absent from my bloggy world!  He has been gone and busy with so many things that it seems like he's hardly around when we take pictures.  He just got certified as a lifeguard and swim coach, so I will be doing a post about that this week.  Anyway, here he is, doing a progression of basketball shots.

 I thought this was a particularly cool photo!  Mid-air anything always looks neat.  :-)

Courtney recently got two new things:  a truck and glasses!  It's so nice to finally have a third vehicle around; it certainly solves some transportation issues we were having.  Courtney keeps asking me if her glasses make her look 'weird' or 'like an old maid'......I keep telling her that they make her look very distinguished, sophisticated, fashionable, smart, etc.  Don't you agree?

David is keeping busy with school, piano, baseball, and (as you can see in the picture) basketball with us kids.  :-)  He's almost taller than me ~ getting a deep voice too. :-)  I couldn't believe it when I was forced to make him shave his upper lip a few weeks ago due to the noticeable uh, fuzz? he was way!  My little brother is getting too big!

Mom, doing the ever-present laundry! A little over a year ago, Mom and Dad decided we kids needed to do our own laundry, and it has worked out pretty well.  Thankfully that has hugely lightened Mom's laundry load, for sure!  (Maybe that's why she's smiling while holding the laundry detergent - laundry has become a "breeze!")

Lastly, Dad and I attended the Crisis Pregnancy Center mid-year fundraising event last week.  We had fun!  And I was able to get signed up for the volunteer orientation in next month, too.  I can't wait to get involved.  I will keep you all updated on how that (as well as the training) goes.

Well.....what else is new?  I learned again, and finally accepted the fact, that bike riding + skirts = an embarrassing ride to work.  *Sigh*  I don't care how graceful Anne of Green Gables makes it look, it just is not practical.  I bought some nice dress pants a while ago when Courtney and I went shopping, so that's what I wear now.  :-) 

We went to a graduation ceremony last night for one of the guys in our church ~ we had a wonderful time!  Mr. Doughty, our head photographer for almost every church event :-) took pictures the whole time, so hopefully I can post a few later this week.   When we pulled into the church parking lot, Isaac pointed to the three crosses out front and exclaimed totally to my surprise, "Look Rachel!  Three crosses, where Jesus died for all the sins of the world!"  It was so precious!

And that, my friends, is about it - hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


Abby said...

Sounds like you've been really busy! I agree, glasses make Courtney look very sophisticated and beautiful.
Basketball is so fun, and little brothers definitely grow up way too fast. :)

p.s. you're gorgeous, and I hope you enjoy your job, even if it is a hot ride to get there. :)

Rachel's Blog said...

Awww, thank you Abby! :-)

Holly said...

Courtney would look beautiful if she had two horns and green hair. Let's face it, the love of Jesus just shines through that girl...just like her beautiful sister. :D

Susanna Ormand said...

I just LOVE Courtney's glasses! I personally hate mine, but I may be getting new frames or contacts soon! Mid-air things are so awesome. Love you guys!

The Farmgirl said...

Hi Rachel, wow y'all do look busy! Hope this summer will be a blast for you and your family. Great to hear snowcones are selling like hotcakes....

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel, I'm sort of a lurker on your blog, but seeing these photos I just had to ask (hope you don mind), did y'all move house? I'm just confused because I thought you all had lots of open space around your house. Hope you all have a great summer!


Rachel's Blog said...

Katie, yes we did move last fall. Because of my dad's huge commute to work, we moved closer in, which also happens to be city living.
:-( Do miss that country life! But it's so much easier on my dad.

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