Birthday Re-cap

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Well, here I finally am, posting birthday pictures from almost two weks ago!  At least I already posted about Isaac.  These pictures of my birthday was before the atomic bomb of all flu blugs hit - I was feeling kind of gross but not too bad at this point.  I basically got dressed for pictures, opened presents, and then laid down in my room listening to AIO the rest of the day.  :-)

The boys (aka Mom) gave me a bag of chocolates! Yum! 

 More AIO from Dad.....I managed to listen to every new episode we got during the course of our sickness.

 This is how Jonathan was feeling that day.  The illness hit him first.  :-(
 Don't come near Courtney! She doesn't want the flu!  I think she somehow escaped most of the sickness that everyone else got around here.  Must be because she has her fingers crossed or something.
 Courtney bought me decorative flowers from Bealls, where she works!  I just painted our bathroom green, so they go very nicely there.
 Then it was His Cuteness's birthday.  He was SO excited.....we told Isaac that he was going to have to be big and brave while Josh opened his presents.  (We have a serious jealousy thing going on during toddler birthdays:-)

 We hung green streamers in the kitchen and blew up green baloons, because green is Joshua's "favite" color.  All-time favorite.  It's no secret around here what the boys' favorite colors for Isaac, and green for Josh. 
 Look at those cute little feet!  Toes are just so much cuter when you're four.  He's no exception.
 Can't believe he's four.....what a special guy! 
 He'll make some young lady swoon someday for handsome.
 Then came David's birthday. You know you're in trouble when you get hygiene products as a gift - body wash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.  :-)
 I don't think we had any trouble with the boys being "big and brave" while watching David open his gifts.  There's something about socks that doesn't strike jealousy in a five year old? 
 Courtney and I got David a basketball for our new basketball hoop!  He's enjoyed using it so far.
 Thirteen years old!  I remember when David was three and the cutest kid in church...literally. I had friends that were so jealous when he came home from Korea.  Now he's just getting downright you David!
Isaac and Josh gave David a package of licorice - as soon as David said "thank you boys" Isaac came back with "you're welcome, can you share some?"  :-)

Well, in between trips to Urgent Care, numerous doctors visits, and days spent in the bathroom, we somehow managed to celebrate all four birthdays plus another Gotcha Day satisfactorally.  And now we have a huge break until November, when Jonathan becomes an official adult. :-)


Abby said...

Wow! That is a lot of birthdays. It looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday!

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