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Thursday, May 17, 2012

First I have to say that I was having trouble with the camera today.....totally not cooperating....so these pictures are not the best.  :-)  Just warning you. 

But anyway, I found myself taking pictures of things today that just made me smile ~ everyday things that make me happy and I thought were worth posting.

My graduation mug filled with steamy hot chocolate.......yes, definitely makes me happy!  I've been on a chai tea kick ever since I started working at the coffee shop; it's the best stuff ever....but I'm a little sick of it by now and having hot chocolate was a nice change. 
And yes I'm allowed to have that when it's 100* outside.  :-)   (I had it early-morning in my air conditioned house.)

Re-reading a text from my dad put a smile on my face too.  I love it when he texts me because he's my dad!   There's just something about it that makes it special.  :-)   I have only started texting this month due to my job situation....my manager likes to be texted the day's total.  And I have to say?  That I don't like it.  I've finally got the hang of texting *slightly* fast, but it's still slow.  I find myself having too much to say in one little message and only one finger to peck with ~ phone calls are just better, in my opinion.  (Though I know plenty of people who would disagree with me on that one!:-)  There's some things that just don't go "out of fashion"....talking is one of them.

 Now this is something that really put a smile on my face.  Today was my glorious day off of work.  And I enjoyed every minute of it - right down to re-enacting Adam and Eve and the Serpent with broken bits of the game Mouse Trap from a by-gone era.  Adam was a red mouse, and Eve was a green one.  And God was the diver-guy figurine.  And Isaac was thrilled.  (And the whole thing was HIS idea, just so you know.)

It was a hilarious ten minutes with this little guy.  Especially when I pointed out to him a piece that he had broken last time he played with what's left of my board game, and he chirped back, "It's okay Rachel, see, it still works!"  (Good thing no one wants to play a real game of Mouse Trap around here.)

 Like I said, today I had the entire day off - and so did Courtney!  We went shopping in the afternoon and I was so excited to find clothes with THIS kind of a price tag on them.  This is the price range where I die and go to heaven.  :-)  I got three shirts, dress pants, and a necklace all for $25.  Yay!  We had such a fun time browsing together.....then we ended it all with dinner at the Olive Garden and ice cream at a nearby shop.  Kind of "lived up" the day!  It was a lot of fun.
Another thing that made me happy was registering for another Crisis Pregnancy Banquet that's happening next week!  These are fun to go to and I'm hoping that this one will give me more detailed information about actually volunteering there.  That's one of my goals for this summer - I want to get involved with this ministry in some way.

This happens to be my favorite song this week.  Makes me smile when it comes on the radio!

I can walk across the world, and never find the answer
I could search the sky above, and never get any closer
You made it all...
And I am left to fall
At the feet, of the One
Who fell for me

Just an uplifting song, for sure! 
So that's about it from here - of course there's dozens of other random things I could say, like how I was told by my elderly neighbor that I was definitely "dateable"  (hmm!?), how I found a new way to curl my hair today, how we've figured out that Isaac needs to snack on the hour to keep from having major melt-downs, how Joshua voluntarily climbed into my lap and put his arms around my neck in a heart-melting hug (he's a swooner!), how I'm preparing to take another Chemistry test, how glad I am that the weekend is here and church is coming up with a great fellowship meal to boot......

I could go on.  Life is good and I'm enjoying my summer so far.   


Cassandra said...

You had many things to smile about for sure today! What a blessing!

One thing that made me smile today is a graduation announcement arriving in the mail from a very beautiful friend of mine who lives in Arizona... ;-)

I loved this post, Rachel, and I miss seeing your smile in person. Nevertheless, I am so very, very glad that you've been enjoying your summer thus far!


a writing maiden said...

I don't think I've ever texted, but if you just have a regular phone, it's soooooo long and hard to type out even just a tiny message. :/ My dad will sometimes text with people, and it seems like a hassle.

Yeah, I was noticing your hair!! Gorgeous!! That really does look beautiful... you should definitely keep doing it. How did you do it anyway? My hair is pretty straight too, but sometimes we'll do rag curls (but it takes a lot of work :/ ).

I love little brothers!! They are so darling. I have a 3 year old Little Man and he is so cute!

That will be so neat if you get to volunteer with the pregnancy center. I've thought of doing it, but I don't know if there's one real close by to me, and... I can't drive. :/ If I could drive then I would probably look into it more. But that will be so great if you can do it; I would love to hear about your work there.

I enjoyed listening to the song you put up. I'm not really big into contemp. Christian music, but occasionally I'll hear a song that's really good.

Hey, thank you for the comment and message you sent me! I am so glad that I've been able to be an encouragement to you! You are so right about our hearts being deceitful. When I'm having a real hard time with doubt, fear, etc., then I just yearn for God's greatness to show through my weakness! I am closely acquainted with feeling weak, yet it's still fairly easy for me to have pride! Frustrating... :/ I am so glad the Lord knows what He's doing and what I'm doing and how much I need help. Which makes me think of your other blog. I really appreciate what you blog about on there.

I haven't really done much with my website lately, but I've been wanting to post more things on my blog that can be an encouragement to people. Thank you for your blogs too... I really enjoy following them.


Rachel's Blog said...

Hey Cari,

To answer your question, I just used a regular curling iron (nothing fancy) and curled my hair backwards, like away from my face. Does that make sense? It made waves instead of tight curls.

a writing maiden said...

Yeah, that makes sense. It looks really good... Thanks. :)

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