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Monday, May 14, 2012

  Let me list for you some of the things that made me question my sanity this week.

0) I lined Isaac and Josh up next to the wall and had them model their Thomas the Train briefs for a picture.  They were just too stinkin' cute.  And then I got ready to post it.   And I started wondering is this maybe just a *little* bit uh, r-rated?  To avoid offending some of you out there I decided against posting it.  Although every time I see Joshua's GREEN Percy underwear it makes me smile.  

1) The phrase of choice around here lately (among the little boys, that is) is "Let my people go!"  Yeah.  They've been watching a lot of Moses videos recently.

2) I had a customer at the Coffee Caboose let me know that I had under-charged him for his iced mocha the other day.  I was so embarrassed when he came in later that day with his family and I under-charged him again *cough* for a snowie.  And he caught the mistake - both times.  At least it wasn't an over-charge.  I felt like a seriously dumb person for about an hour.

3)  A guy told me he thought I was deaf the other day when I filled his order for an iced chai latte.  Yes.  Quite the compliment, huh?  I think he was least I sincerely hope he was.  All my customers mumble like you wouldn't believe, and on top of that I have a super loud air conditioner that drowns out everything. 

4) David has been playing a ton of baseball ever since he joined his team, Copper Hills.  (I personally think Copper Heads would be a little more appropriate considering we live in the land of snakes.)  He practices five days a week and two of those days he also has games.  I wish I could say I am a faithful sister who comes to each practice and  watches admirably as he hits ball after ball......wish I could claim to have gone to every one of his games for moral support and cheered wildly from the stands.  BUT the reality is that hard bleachers = very sore backside, and there's no popcorn or hotdogs at the games, and it gets cold and kind of boring*Cough*  Did I just say that?  It doesn't help matters that I feel like an airhead when I go because I don't get the rules of the game so half of what goes on flys right over my head.  Dad had to explain the game as it was happening while he laid in my lap and napped on the deserted bleachers last game.  And I still didn't get it. 'Twasn't fun. 

5) Something that bugs me right now is Pinterest.  Everyone blogs about it and I just don't get what the big fuss is all about.  Surfing Pinterest for cool pictures that trip your trigger and then posting them on your blog just grinds on my nerves.  And I'm pretty sure I'm about the only 19-year old that feels that way.....everyone LOVES Pinterest.  It's definitely not for me.

6) I took an order for an Iced White Chocolate Mocha the other day....and the lady made a special point to tell me that she wanted an addition of caramel syrup on it.  So I promptly made her the drink, handed it out to her, and then remembered a FULL 24 hours later that I totally forgot to put any caramel in it at all.  Do I lose my mind when I go to work or something? 

7) I'm feeling slightly house bound this evening and plan to do a little shopping tomorrow before picking Courtney up at work.....there's a skirt at Walmart I'm eyeing and I may just splurge. 

8) A rather unpleasant trip to Urgent Care for an IV was the highlight of last week.  I never like going to doctors when I'm sick because when I'm sick, I not only feel sick, I also manage to look sick, too.  Going to a medical center in your pajamas with no make-up on and feeling too sick to shower is NOT a way to boost one's self-esteem.  And now I am finally beginning to question my heretofore budding desire to become a nurse.  As the nurses were preparing to shove a massive needle/plastic-something up my arm, I warned them how bad I am with needles and made audible wincing noises as it happened.  I felt about as small as an ant when they asked "What are you going to do with yourself now?" and I answered pathetically, "Uh, I want to be a nurse."  Which was met by the most encouraging statement of "Oh, well you better get over your fear of needles then!"  Don't tell me.  I already knew that.

9)  I have this wonderful little stash of chocolate in my closet right now......everytime I put away clean laundry I hear it calling.  My closet smells incredibly chocolatey as well.  Good thing I lost seven pounds during the flu last week.  :-)

10)  Anyone have any good reads they can recommend?  I just finished re-reading (perhaps for the 20th time) Marsha Drake's The Submissive Wife and Other Legends as well as The Assertive Woman and Other Anamolies.  Love, love, love those books!  They are so funny and uplifting. 

And finally, if anyone has made it to the end of this post, I congratulate you!  Because looking back over what I've written, I realize I've been rambling big time.  :-)  Coughing big time, too.  Like I said, we're still getting over being sick.  :-)


Cassandra said...

I made it to the end of the post... and I smiled all the way through reading it. :-)

It's so wonderful to have you "back"!

Three things:

1) I don't "get" Pinterest either. I don't do it and I seriously cannot understand why people spend so much time doing it and caring about pin counts. :P

2) Eat chocolate. :D

3) My book recommendations are as follows:
Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life by Elyse Fitzpatrick


Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God by Lisa Tatlock and Pat Ennis

I hope that you have a wonderful week, dearest Rachel!

All my love,

Anonymous said...

Rach .... just so you know, I'm out here watching you! Thanks for the blog and the good attitude toward the adversity in our home.


Dear 'Ol Dad

a writing maiden said...

I have started in on Jane Eyre, though I haven't made it incredibly far and haven't read it for a few days (almost weeks :/ ). It really is interesting, though, despite the fact that it sounds boring. If it's any consolation, I take a long to get through books (unless it's one I've already read or is light reading, but even then it can take a while).

I think Pinterest can sometimes be useful/interesting, but I don't have an account (and don't want one). Why waste more time on the internet than I already do, you know? Most of it probably isn't worthwhile anyway.

Aaaaaah, yes, little boys and their cute underwear. It's funny after having 3 little sisters in a row, I sometimes have to catch myself from telling my little brother to not wet his Lightening McQueen panties... er, um... underwear! (Boys do NOT wear panties. haha)

The Farmgirl said...

Great post Rachel...smiled and nodded in agreement the whole time. From Thomas underwear(had our share of THOSE), to not "getting" pinterest either, to having a chocolate stash(make mine dark, please), even mumbling people.....too funny! So glad that you are feeling better! Teresa

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