Wednesday, November 7, 2012

....something very exciting!  For me, anyway. :-)  Over the weekend, I purchased an S90 Yamaha Synthesizer......(that translates to a very very fancy elelctric piano!)

The beauty of this thing is that it's portable.  So nice.  There have been many times in the past where it would have been very convenient to bring a piano with me....and now I have the perfect solution. :-)

I found this little beauty on Craigslist.  These pianos, brand new, sell for about $2400.  And that's just for the keyboard.  My amazing deal included the keyboard, speakers, stand, mixer, and all the software....for just $700.

Yes, that's still a lot of money.  A LOT.  Especially when I'm the one paying.  But what a steal from the regular price!  And better still?  This piano has been sitting in storage almost from the day it was bought new.  Hardly touched. Sweet.

 384 instrumental presets, 48 drum kits, 88 fully weighted keys (simulating a regular piano).  There are so many options on this will take me a while to figure them all out!  Right now I'm just having fun flipping through all the performance settings.  I have it set up in my bedroom (no touchie, little brothers!!) and it also has the option of plugging in headphones or technically I could play in the middle of the night without waking anyone up.....

I have recently discovered the demand for piano entertainers at hotels and assisted living facilities.  I started calling different places up, listing my charge as $45 per hour, and I already have two gigs set up!    
What a cool way to make money!  Can't take credit for "discovering" this piano teacher told me I should try and I am so excited that people are actually willing to pay me just to do what I love doing. 

I have to admit my fingers are a little sore today....I've played more piano in the last few days that I normally do just because it's there.  I love this thing!  Even though the cost was a slight financial set-back (didn't blow out all my savings obviously but did take a nice little portion of it), I'm choosing to view this as an investment.  I bought equipment I will need to make money "on the road" in the coming months. 

Ah yes, I love it. :-)


Beth Jones said...

That is awesome, Rachel! I bet you are going to be very successful in your new business! Do what you love!

Haddock said...

Congratulations on your buy.
As for your comment .... there are so many options on this will take me a while to figure them all out..... one of the reasons I postpone buying one :-)

Susanna said...

Jesse is doing a business just like that! Going to different hotels and restaurants and playing piano (or anything) is a great way to earn some money. :D

(You may realize that I am typing out this post at 5:20 in the morning, but Please believe that I DON'T get up super early to read blogs and comment... I'm up this early today, because at 7:30 I'm having my surgery...which brings me to say yet another thing... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SPECIAL GIFT YOU BROUGHT BY FOR ME YESTERDAY!!!
You are such an awesome friend and when/if you ever have surgery, I am getting you 200 bags of Ghiradelle (no idea on how to spell it…)
Chocolate! :D

Rachel's Blog said...

You are so welcome Susanna. :-) And no don't get me 200 bags of chocolate! That sounds kind of gross lol! I just wanted to bless you since surgery is kind of a big thing...not fun.....but I know you'll do fine. :-)

That's interesting that Jesse does the same thing! Tell him to get ready for some competition....haha just kidding. :-)

Sam said...

How exciting, Rachel! You'll have to play it for us at church some time =].

Joanna Webber said...

Congrats on the gigs! My brother plays the cello really well, so we're trying to find a gig for him in our area.

Lydia Jo said...

Wow - looks like an amazing keyboard! Sounds like a great business idea, too. What type of music do you play?
I play the piano myself and am currently taking lessons (and teaching). :)
We were fortunate enough to receive a used Alesis QS8 synthesizer from a generous uncle as a gift, but since then it has gotten damaged by water and a bit rusty. I am super bummed out but I am hoping we'll get it fixed someday. It's a great keyboard.
Blessings on your endeavors!

Rachel's Blog said...

Lydia Jo: Aw, too bad that your piano got water damage! That must be discouraging!!!

I play a bit of everything....jazz, stuff from the 40's, stuff from movies (like the Sound of Music or Pirates of the Caribbean), and classical. Though I'm not much into classical these days. :-) Oh, and tons of improvised praise music, hymns and contemporary stuff. :-)

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