It Was Free Coffee Day...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Bruegger's Bagels today!  So I enjoyed my free iced coffee on the way home from piano lessons.  They have free Wi-Fi there too, so I brought along my laptop and my SAT book, got a little studying in, (though I always find it a little hard to concentrate out in public), and just generally enjoyed my day.

Ended the day with a hilarious comedy show by Bob Smiley.....looking forward to a semi-relaxing day tomorrow (still have a ton to do but at least I'm not going anywhere!).  


Mikala said...

Oh, Bob Smiley is great. Did you ever see the Rockshow tour he did with Tim Hawkins and John Branyon? That was awesome!

Anonymous said...

the best coffee is free coffee!-Follower of Christ

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