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Thursday, January 17, 2013

This week (and last) has been full of many moments where I honestly wonder if I am all there in the head.  Really - I sometimes think my own head isn't screwed on tight enough; never mind wondering if there's even a brain in there. 

Here's just a few things that made the last ten days  I told my parents that if there was such a thing as bad karma (um - don't be offended church friends, I know there isn't, I'm just making a point here) I definitely had it last week.  Plus lots of fun awkward moments.  Oh yes.

1. Trying to pay for something with my driver's license.  That was nice.  The cashier was like, "Um, ma'm.....we're going to need.....a different card I'm afraid......we need money, not your picture..."  (Okay, he didn't really say that.  But he probably thought it.)

2. Receiving a beautiful cd from a friend in the mail, ripping the package open in anticipation, promptly dropping it on the ground, and thus adding one more to our ever-growing collection of broken cd cases.  It's a thing with us.  Nearly every cd we own has a lovely broken case to go with it.  You know, the kind with no hinges.....anymore?  (Thanks was a beautiful case. lol)

3. Going to In & Out Burger, having a nice meal, filling up my drink cup with ice cold water to the brim on my way out the door.......and then having the entire cup dump over and spill on semi-important papers during an untimely lurch whilst shifting to second gear.  I was thirsty all the way home.

4. Nearly poking my eye out of its socket while putting on pencil eyeliner.  It was a brand new pencil, nice and long.....I was so used to my old one that had been whittled down to a mere inch and half that depth perception completely slipped my mind as I leaned forward to look in the mirror.  Tell me I'm not the only who's done that. 

5. Buying a nice new liquid foundation, coming home, setting it on the table, and coming back ten minutes later to find a lovely pool of brown goo nicely spread on our wood table.  Apparently I had "set" it down a little too roughly.   Or maybe Isaac played with it.  Who knows?  With broken glass in the mix, it was unsalvageable, and the whole thing went in the garbage. 

6. You know that audio clip I posted last week?  I was so excited to discover how to do that.   Rewind a few hours, and I was literally on the verge of making the transfer from the piano to the computer....seconds away from complete victory....and in my excitement the thumbdrive flew out of my hands, fell on the tile floor, and promptly broke. (I guess I'm a little high-strung - I break things when I get excited?)  Dad's thumdrive.  The only thumbdrive we had in the house at the time.  Yeah, what a bummer! Had to go buy a new one. Plus a replacement. 

7. Almost socking a poor cashier in the face trying to pay with cash.  Thankfully his hand blocked and we did one of those fist-collide-in-mid-air things.  Did the same thing at church last week.   Interrupted someone else's hand shake with my own hand.  Happened to be my pastor too....I'm so not graceful.  It's akin to missing a high-five.  Just awkward.

Yes, it was an awkward week.

 8. Smashing my finger to smitherenes in the metal library book drop-off thing outside.  One of those moments where I really wanted to scream to yell or something - but of course there were people around so I just smiled fakely, thinking of the nail I'd probably lose next week and limped off to my truck. 

9. Shopping for a sweater (it's been really cold here recently) and talking myself through the rack of clothes.  I have to watch myself in the talking-to-myself-in-public department.  I'm going hanger by hanger, mumbling, "Oh this one's cute...yeah but it's a little too big...oh and look at the price...oh this is much better....yep it actually might work....oh and it would go great with that tank I have at home....and see if you buy this one you get the discount..."
*Sigh* To give myself credit, I don't do this alot. And I'm not loud.  But it's just a litte....weird. 

10. My hair.  You know how I was losing it like crazy last summer?  Well it's finally all growing back.  But now I have the funny little baby hairs everywhere. Before I use hairspray it looks like I have a little lawn of grass that just got mowed up there or something.  At least it's growing.

This was kind of a rambly post.  Hope it didn't come across as complaining.  Because I actually made myself laugh writing all this out.....I have so many awkward moments that are worth recording, for my own sake.  I make so many dumb mistakes that are just laughable!  Ah well.  I also had quite a few awesome moments in my week as well.....(which will be saved for next post)!!!


Susanna said...

Dude, you're totally NOT the only one who does that! (I used to think I was the most embarrising person in the world :D)

Even if you were the only person who did that, I'd love you just the same. :)

Holly said...

You mean we're not the ONLY family in the world with more broken CD cases than whole ones? And what is it with Adventures in Odyssey? EVERY SINGLE ONE had a case that lasted less than a week.Ugh!
I hope your "karma" is better this coming week. :-D

Anne Krause said...

Hey Rachel.....I went through a spell back in Nebraska when I tried to check out library books and gave the librarian my VISA card! That was before self-check-out. Very embarrassing though!

Mikala said...

Yeah, eye-liner just scares me :-D I prefer the less-dangerous stuff, like mascarra and lip balm hahaha.

Rebekah Carniglia said... sister has been following this blog for forever, we both love it, and I figured that I had better say "Hi" sooner or later. We are a completely adoptive family, so it's been really fun to read your posts.

Oh, and eye make-up is definitely the worst...I brush my eye with my mascara brush all the time, and then try to stop crying and saying "Shucks" :)

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