Awkward and Awesome

Monday, March 25, 2013


1) Going to bed with a heating pad for stomach cramps.....and waking up the next morning completely bound by the cord.  I felt like Samson or something.

2) Getting up at 5:15 am to babysit.....and having the very cute four year old ask, "What is that red burned stuff on your face? Why didn't you put on your makeup? I like you better with your makeup."  Pimples, my dear.  Because it was TOO EARLY.  And, thanks alot!?

3) Getting flowers from the guy that is....a little...STUCK on you at the church I go to in the morning. This probably tops my list as the most awkward thing I've had happen in a long time.  It was so embarrassing.  Apparently he has a crush on me.  The feeling is not mutual. AT ALL.  

3) Walking through K-Mart and having a guy stop me to ask my opinion on which stuffed teddy bear he should buy for his girlfriend.  The brown one or the white one?  Um, how about neither?  Stuffed animals are not high on my gift list.  Just so you know.

4) Buying nail polish in the brightest pink I think I've ever seen ( I love pink) and wondering why the brand is called Sinful Colors?  Is hot pink really so sinful?  Really?  It's a very cute color, but morally wrong? Don't think so! :-)

6) Being told by a giggling four year old brother, "I don't love you!"  Apparently that was supposed to be funny.  I didn't find it so.  Plus it was said in the midst of an incredible tantrum he and Isaac were concocting together.  When they make it a joint effort to disobey and then laugh because they both think it was hilarious.....well, things get a little annoying.    Needless to say they both ended up apologizing later, for being "bad and goofy", in their words.

7)  A certain five year old looking at his plate of cranberries and saying, "Hey look, it's a bloody nose!".  Yeah.  I was not impressed with that one.  And then later, when we were talking about spiders, he piped up, "I don't like spiders, but I really don't like Jezebel spiders."  Jezebel spiders? Really?


1)  Chocolate-strawberry-banana smoothies with a scoop of Green Drink powder for the healthy kick.  It does have a twang, but I'm coming to like it.  Makes a super duper breakfast or lunch on the go, AND it's completely healthy.

2) Finding the dress pants I've been admiring forever priced down to $5.  Used to be $16.  I was so excited, I bought two.  They are perfect for my volunteer days at the CPC (need to look professional) or  other music related events where I just need to look classy.

3) The fact that I am DONE with the SAT forever.  FOREVER.  Never to be tested again.  Ever.   I took it for the second time last Saturday, and am so relieved to have that behind me.  And I actually think I did pretty good, too; better than the first time.  I was much more relaxed and prepared.

4) Planning a short trip to see my sis in Alabama!!! Dad and I are going to get to see her induction ceremony into the honors program in a few weeks. I can't wait to see her and stay with her in her dorm....she is going to give me the campus tour and I will even get to sit in on a few of her classes.  Very fun.

5) Going to play three hours of live piano at a local Italian restaurant and making $96...that's $50 as a flat rate and $46 from tips.  Not bad!  It was fun and I got a free meal thrown in to boot.

6) A free Starbucks from a coupon I printed off.  I love free things.


Jaime Lynn said...

Enjoyed this post! I can relate to some of those awkwards (and awesomes, actually). =)


Susanna said...

I love sinful colors nail polish!
It is a dumb name, I agree... :D

Anonymous said...

okay Hot pink is my FAVORITE color ever!!!!!! :) so glad to see someone shares my opinion! ;)
....and WHERE IN THE WORLD did you print off a FREE STARBUCKS COUPON?!?!?!?!?! LOVE starbucks too!!!! :)


Courtney said...

OMG I love your shirt in this picture

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