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Friday, March 1, 2013

It seems like the last few weeks have just screamed by way too fast.  Sometimes I feel like life is just racing by and I hardly have time to enjoy it.  Some days are spent simply in "survival mode" - trying to get stuff cleaned up, dragging myself out of bed way too early to babysit, packing lunches, making sure I get places on time, always catching up on laundry, brainstorming ways to make more money somehow......(forget saving up for college, life is getting expensive these days).   Goodness.  

Today was a "home" day for me - hence the abundance of pictures.  Dad had oral surgery early this morning, so I stayed home with the boys while Mom drove him to the dentist.   We hit the park later in the morning and had fun taking pictures there......aside from the fact that I received a nice blister on my foot from breaking in new sandals during the walk down was a fun time. AND I even avoided kneeling down on fresh dog poop which  happened during my last visit to the park.

You all know I abhor 'selfies' (like this one).  They are so not original. And so facebook-ish.  But I literally have no one left around here to take my picture - I'm trying to train Isaac, but his shaky little hands just aren't quite doing the job.  Yet.  But I'll make 'm learn.  :-)  So behind me you can see the typical mid-morning carnage of playtime in the living room. 

My poor dog made me move out of my room last night to sleep on the couch because of all the noise he was making (he sleeps in my room at night).....long story short, he has an open wound on his paw that won't heal because he keeps licking it all the time, so I bought one of those big cone-collars for him and he absolutely hates it and kept me awake with his whining until 1:00am last night.  Thus my slumber party downstairs.  I actually never knew our couch was so comfortable.  It really was. 

Isaac and Joshua have now graduated from their booster seats at the table (very big news around here). I asked them this morning during breakfast where Mom had put their old seats, and Isaac was quick to reply, "Oh, she put them in the closet, we're going to give them to the poor people who don't have booster seats."  And then Josh chimed in, "Yeah, poor people don't got those."  That made me laugh. 

 I have another SAT test coming up next Saturday, so this next week will be spent pretty much in full-fledged study.  I took a practice test online this week and my scores were definitely better.  So that's encouraging anyway.  Apparently 50% of kids who take the SAT do better when they take it a second time.   The thing that is a struggle for me is being able to focus on tough questions in a room full of kids who appear way smarter than me and act like they know what they're doing....all while a clock ticks menacingly in the back round.  Ah well.  What will be will be.  I just have to do my best!

 Has anyone out there heard about the Bible mini series beginning this Sunday on the history channel?  From the trailers and previews I've seen, it looks absolutely fantastic.  I am so looking forward to seeing it.  I love that someone in Hollywood was willing to put in the time and money to produce a truly professional reproduction of the Bible in movie-format.  Christians have a bad wrap for putting out "fake" films.....cheesy, unprofessional, poorly done, and interesting only to us Christians.  This series, however, has the fabulous potential of actually having an impact on everyone, because it's so well-done.  I can't wait.

I am stoked, absolutely stoked, about the next piano piece I'm learning.  Anyone heard of the Piano Guys?  I learned their version of Pirates of the Caribbean last year, and ordered last night my new favorite from them, All of Me.  Want to watch it?  Click here.  This is one of those pieces where, when I heard it for the first time, I just got goose bumps and was like, "I have to learn this one, I have to...where's the order button??"  I am so excited about learning this piece.  Might get it together in time for an Easter special music piece at church.  We'll see.   

 Much to everyone's shock, I'm sure, I am thinking about.....about......getting my ears pierced.  *GASP*  I know I've always said I never will because it will hurt and I am such an incredible wimp when it comes to pain....but I'm wondering if it might possibly be a good way to mentally toughen myself for nursing school.  A poor comparison, I know.  But I will eventually have to deal with the needle part of nursing, so maybe I should just start down that road of hardening myself to pain, or rather, perceived pain.  We'll see.  Pity the poor Wal-Mart ear-piercing-lady who will be privy to my passing out afterwards.  And throwing up.  And probably having seizures or something.  They don't have suckers there, do they?  lol

Tomorrow is Saturday.  I truly love weekends, especially Sundays.  Relaxing.  Time for games with the  littles (a rousing game of Candy Land may be in the works tomorrow), eating cookies, having coffee, playing piano, getting ready for Sunday morning worship music, reading blogs, making money...

Yep, I'm working tomorrow.  Babysitting, that is.  For a pretty cute two year old who is insanely polite when she's rude.  :-)  We always have spaghetti for dinner, play with trains, and we always watch Fresh Beat Band.  I actually kinda like that show now.....:-)


Courtney said...

HEY I'm the queen of "selfies"....don't go knocking them lol!!!!

And OMG YOU ARE THINKING OF PIERCING YOUR EARS?????! The world has officially come to an end. :)

Wendy & Kylie said...

I LOOOVEEE the piano guys!!! So cool that you're learning one of their pieces. Good luck!!!

Lesley said...

I love "All of Me" too! Josh played it for our wedding as the recessional. It was the best! :)

Rachel's Blog said...


Wow, I never thought of it as a wedding song, but come to think of it, that was probably a great piece!! Very energizing. I love it because it's one of those "feel good" pieces. :-)

Anonymous said...

selfies are the greatest! i take Your brothers are sooooo cute! and i love their names! adorbs!!!them all the time! even though i dont have facebook or instagram....(yet). and dont worry getting your ears pierced doesnt hurt at all! It is just a slight pinch but you barely feel anything! And boy do i dread the day when i will have to take SAT!!!! And (hate to admit it) i love the Fresh Beat Band only slightly brothers...-Follower of Christ

Susanna said...

Getting your ears pierced is no biggie. It's a little surprising when the lady pierces it, but it may only ache a little afterwards.

I actually though you had your ears pierced already.....I had mine when I was 7. (because my mom sis, and then Grace, so then it I had to be next) Can't wait to see you earrings. They're lots o' fun.

The Piano Guys are so awesome, but I mostly listen to their songs that are perfect for dancing too. :)

Anna said...

We love the Piano Guys!!!!! My older sister played that son All of Me as the encore song at her senior piano recital....they do such a good job at arranging music.

Kellyanne said...

Getting your ears pierced doesn't really hurt. It's just one sharp pinch and it's done. :) And I love the Piano Guys! I taught myself to play part of their version of Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter (not the crazy fast uber hard part! :) ). Have you ever heard of Lindsey Stirling? You might like her. Stumbled across your blog while going through the Feelin Feminine blog roll (does anyone else know what happened to them?! D:) and I very much related to your posts about your little siblings. :D
In Christ,

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