We Be Older Now

Monday, May 6, 2013

We had three birthdays this week!  And four this month.  We're now older, wiser (that counts me out), and jumping into another year of life. 

I turned 20 just a few days ago.  Officially no longer a teenager!  I totally don't feel ready to be this old. I mean really.  I have always thought that when I reached such a lofty number....I'd somehow have everything together.  Be mature, rich, (sorry, it's what I always assumed), prepared, smart, and just generally ready to tackle anything that came my way.  Oh, and incredibly spiritual, too.  

But - here I am , twenty years old, and I seem to be none of these things!!!!  Definitely not rich.  Two traffic tickets took care of that one.  Mature? Not so much.  How else do I justify my love of chasing my little brothers up and down the stairs and tickling them till they say what I want them to say???   Prepared?  Only for today.  Smart...um, let's not talk about that one, ok?  

But I am twenty now.  Here I be.  Secretly I wish I was still a four year old.  The little girl I babysit is having a princess birthday party next week and I'm finding myself jealous. lol

And David?  He is fourteen today!  As you can see from this very grainy and poor quality picture (sorry bout that one), he is much taller than me and getting....kinda....broad.  Apparently my chubby cheeked little brother grew up overnight.  He's shaving now.  When did that one start?

Ah well.  More pictures coming, just wanted to throw this up tonight.  :-)


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