Honoring Others

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor, preferring one another."
~Romans 12:10
Have you ever noticed how practical Romans 12 is? I have always enjoyed it - but now, instead of simply reading it and saying, "oh, that's a nice verse...", I am marching through the chapter and applying one verse to each day. There is just so much 'meat' in this chapter, that I think it needs to be pondered.

But more than pondering, are we actually putting into practice what we read? Are we being doers of the Word, and not just hearers? Remember that simply reading a chapter out of the Bible does no one any good if that's as far as it goes. We need to be actively doing what we read.

Today's verse, Romans 12:10, is something that everyone can relate to. Are you being kind and affectionate to those you're around? Are you honoring others?


Sure, it's easy to be nice to those who you like and are easy to get along with - but the real test is when you're around someone that rubs you the wrong way.

Being in a family of seven gives me that advantage of being around people who, well, aren't always nice and agreeable. Every one of my siblings are great and wonderful and I love them.....but I think we all agree that occasionally we get irritated with our siblings. There's friction.

And that's the perfect place to practice honoring others!

The end of the verse says we are to be "preferring one another." This means we need to be putting others needs and wants before our own. Is this easy? Absolutely not! But it's also necessary to the building of our character.

How are you honoring others today?


Amber said...

I love this. It helps a lot with what I'm learning..Thanks!

Leah said...

Very thought provoking and :)
definitely a great reminder.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this verse. :)

Very true...

*Wanders off in deep thought* ;)



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