Saturday, March 20, 2010

Isaac does pretty good for family devotions - he has his own little Bible that he likes to "read" while we read ours! It's very cute. Here he sits with Jonathan, seriously pondering the Word.

"This is getting a little boring, though...."

Isaac loves to help with everything!
"What's there to smile about? There's famine, sickness, pestilence!"
He's not terribly photogenic, as you can see. We have to catch his smile "in action" - he doesn't pose for cameras!
Ashley and Amanda, he loves this toy for bathtime that you gave him! Bathtoys with soap on them are fun to suck on.

He loves to wear hats......

......and can occasionally get crabby......

....but his sweet side makes up for the sour!


Joanna said...

How sweet! He is so cute! How old is he? You may have said earlier, but I can't remember.

Rachel's Blog said...


Isaac is almost three - but he's a very tiny little guy. Only 25 pounds!


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