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Friday, April 23, 2010

Well, how have you all been enjoying the nice spring weather? It has been simply gorgeous here the last few weeks. I am just loving this warm weather!!

Our two goats, Pearl and Daisy, are both due to kid next month. Ask anyone in the family, I am SO EXCITED about this!

This is Pearl, our Oberhasli goat. For a long time, we weren't sure if she was pregnant or not, but this week while she was on the milking stand, I put my hand underneath her belly and could actually feel the babies moving around! It was so neat. (And sweet, too!) So now we are confidently expecting her to kid June 10th or so.

This is Daisy, our little Oberhasli/Nubian goat. She is due on the 28th of May. It has been very interesting to watch her udder develop the last month or so! I hope she is a good milker, since we want to make cheese this year.


Jenna said...

How great! Thank you for sharing all the lovely photographs, Rachel. I always enjoy viewing your posts!

Your Sister In Christ,

Amber said...

How sweet :) I love them already!

Leah said...

The weather here has been wonderful too. :) It is so nice and refreshing to step outside sketch, sit, and breath it in. :)

Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. Your farm looks nice and inviting.

Your goats are adorable!
It must be exciting waiting for cute little baby goats to be born. :D



Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

I stumbled upon your blog...the pics are so cute! I grew up in the country but we never had goats, just cows and a few sheep.

I have 3 kids all under the age of 10. Im really impressed with your love for God. Im praying my children have that same passion.

Youre doing a great job!

Kayla Cameron said...


Love the new picture! You always look so beautiful. Hannah thinks you look pretty too. Also, one more thing. I noticed that in your introduction, it still says "and soon to be Isaac". Just wanted to make sure nobody got confused. See you soon!


Prairie Momma said...

Thanks for posting! I love seeing the pictures. You have some nice goats. I always thought it would be fun to have goats.. they are a little smaller than cows, and don't hurt as bad when they kick! I could be wrong, though, if you have bad kickers... ;) lol

In Christ Alone,

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