What Is Modesty, Exactly?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In light of the Feelin' Feminine Challenge that Courtney and many other's are doing, I that it might be appropriate to do a post on what modesty is! The point of the challenge is to be pretty, feminine, and practical....but most importantly, modest.
It can be trying to find outfits that fall in all four of those categories, I know! Some people might think that pretty and modest are oxymorons - but think again. You don't have to wear a flour sack to be modest. And you don't have to wear the latest "in" style to be pretty.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your outfits is, "Is what I'm wearing glorifying Jesus?" We were reading in family devotions the other day a verse: Psalm 96:7.....
"Give unto the Lord, o ye kindreds of the people, give unto the Lord glory and strength."
If you are wearing a piece of clothing that makes others look away when you bend over, or that causes a brother in Christ to stumble, than you can be sure that it is not glorifying or strengthening the Lord's name! Use this gauge to decide what or what not to wear. Since our mission is to give God the glory in our daily lives, than we need to make sure that our clothing choices are in line with that goal.

A lot of girls have trouble finding pretty and modest clothing. I mean, you're not going to just walk into Target and find a long skirt and modest blouse! (At least, not most times....sometimes I've found an amazing buy.)
I find most of my clothes at thrift stores - and no, this is not disgusting. Sometimes you can find an outfit that still has the tags on it, not ever worn before! As long as your purchases are in good condition, there is nothing wrong with it. I have found some very pretty skirts and tops at places like Goodwill or Savers.

Just remember that God created you female, NOT male (if you are a girl, that is!!) and that means that you need to look like one. There is no reason to settle for slovenly, masculine clothing, when God designed you to look distinctly feminine. Whatever clothes you choose, strive to glorify the Lord in everything you wear - every day!


Amber said...

You are so pretty! And this post is so true for girls everywhere. I want to please the Lord, especially in the way I dress.

Leah said...

Great, well written post, Rachel!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on modesty. :)



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