You Know You're On a Farm When.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So, I don't know how many of you live on a farm, but here are some tips to help you recognize if you are on one. Even a small one!


1. Your three year old gets hay in his diaper.

2. The cats sleep on your nice picnic table.

3. Your underwear is crinkly because it dries on the line. (Sorry, but had to put that one in!)

4. You wake up in the middle of the night to coyote howls.

5. Your dogs smell curiously of skunk and you find the tail in their pen but no body.

6. Your Sunday shoes get manure on them because of a last minute chore that had to be done before church.

7. You day-dream about how many and what kind of babies your goats will have next spring.

8. An agricultural spray plane flies just a few feet above your bathroom skylight - while you're getting dressed.

9. Your porch is cluttered with muddy boots, dog food, a pitchfork, baseball mitts, and various articles of clothing.

10. Your three-year old points to the back end of a goat and says, "milk!"
11. Everyone gathers around the window to watch the horses gallop around the pen.

12. You eat a meal and realize every bit of it was from your garden.

13. You have a nice view of horse manure out your bedroom window and it doesn't bother you.

14. Your day is brightened because your goat gave more milk than the previous day.

15. Your cats and dog snuggle together to keep warm.

16. You wish you'd never planted watermelon after eating your 6th melon of the week - and more growing on the vine by the day.

And after this? I STILL love living on a farm! Really! There is no place I'd rather live than the country. I love all the experiences that go along with it. It's great. I'm sure I could add to this list every day...but I think this about sums everything up for now!
Note: I realize these pictures are totally NOT new......I have got to take some more updated pictures for this blog. And no, the baby goat you see above is not new. It's from last year. :-)


{Far From Perfect} said...

:) from a fellow farm girl - a hearty. yes.

Anonymous said...

SO TRUE! Our two does are expecting... I'm spending my time wondering how many bucks and how many does, and what they will look like. (although I'm sure they wil be ADORABLE) And if you'd believe it, I'm also crocheting little sweaters for them! Goats + sweaters = people giving you funny looks! ;)

Your friend,

Heather S.

Rachel's Blog said...

So good to hear from you, Heather! I forgot that you had goats, too. How fun!

Gretchen said...

I saw your blog address in the Christmas letter that Courtney sent me and thought I'd take a look. I love this post! Praying for your family as you continue your adoption journey.


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