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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a warm winter we're having! Yes, that sounds like an oxymoron, but we really are enjoying great temps for this time of year. Okay, it does get slightly cold in the evenings...but other than that, it's just plain warm. We've been enjoying weather in the 60's and 70's this week, so I'm actually enjoying winter this year! Of course, that could change any moment - case in point, my last post!

Isaac has been especially cute lately. Consider this conversation from today:

Isaac: (While eating his sandwich) "Pow pow, Jon-Jon! Pow!"

have NO idea where he has picked up this language. Pow pow? Exactly what does that mean? At least he's not like throwing punches along with the words or anything. Hmmm.

I'm hoping these pow-pow's will fade from his memory. He thinks it is a HUGE joke and says it all the time ~ we are really trying to get him to stop. Apparently he thinks he's ready to start taking karate lessons.

Another of Isaac's new phrases is "Help me", and this may be said while standing on his head against the couch (a rather precariuos position) or struggling to turn on his calculator.

And another one of his favorite phrases? "New" and "old". He looked at his sippy cup tonight, which had its rubber mouth piece torn in two because of his constant chewing on it. He loudly proclaimed "New one!" We need a new one, Rachel! Ripped sippy cups aren't alowed in this home! Of course - I should have known that. Just like broken sunglasses aren't alowed, either. When I told him his plastic sunglasses were "broken" the other day, he ran to Mom's dresser, pulled out the drawer, pointed to a brand new package of 10 rainbow colored sunglasses, and declared "new one!"
Smart boy.

(Awww...that's my boy - and my goat! He's the only member of my family who would dare to kiss a goat. WAY TO GO ISAAC!)

Now, I've been accused of blogging about nothing but "Isaac and your stinky goats", so here is an officially non-Isaac and non-goat picture! I'm sure you'll find it interesting! Jonathan is trying to sell this horse, and was posting this picture on the net to show how gentle it is.

Horse fer sale: So genteel ya can even stand on'm!


Jenna said...

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I agree with you... It is SO hard not to post about Jessa, and all of her cuteness! Maybe I should consider starting a photography blog with only photographs of Jessa! :)
I love the pictures of Isaac. He is so sweet!
That horse does look pretty gentle... I hope Jonathan finds a good home for him!

Your Sister In Christ,

Shelby said...

"your stinky goats" I don't know, I kinda like goats.

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