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Thursday, December 30, 2010

So, is everyone ready for the New Year? I am. Frankly, I'm looking forward to a fresh start and a new beginning on January 1st! Even though I usually misplace and forget my list of New Year's resolutions, I actually kept last year's list (miracle of miracles) and was able to go over them yesterday to see what I have (and haven't) accomplished. Let's just say that my 2011 list is going to be slightly similar to 2010's list. :-)

In other news........it snowed today! It was absolutely marvelous. (Well, after I got inside from milking, that is.) With our cozy fire crackling and Christmas music playing, it was wonderful to watch the ground turn white.

Milking this morning was awful. Just awful. It was the only moment today that I wished it wasn't cold, windy, and snowing. I foolishly decided to wear a skirt outside to do chores in, and really regretted it later, as I was sloshing through goat berries and mud. The long and the short of it was, that Pearl's poor legs were quivering in the cold as I tried to clean her udder, and when I had finally gotten it clean, I looked down at my milking basket and noticed something not-so-nice splattered against the jars, the wipes, and just about everything else. It was so muddy and slushy this morning that when Pearl jumped on the stand, a you-know-what substance flew from her hooves and landed, in various places, in my basket. That's when I decided that today would be a really good day to quit milking for the year. Time for Pearly to dry up! I quit!!!

Other than that, I really enjoyed the snow today.


Leah said...

I am excited too.

My mom and family and I are focusing on where our time goes and have written a journal this week and have recorded everything on our schedule and the time it took. It's interesting to see how long everything takes. We will hopefully get better organized as we observe and organize our day. (And year!)

I am making goals and am excited about a new school year. Lots of new things to learn.

I'm sorry to hear about your mishap with your goats. That sounds disastrous. :-(

I hope you have a beautiful new year! I am anticipating a new year of blogging and a new year of reading about you on your blog.

I am looking forward to getting to know you better. :-)

Your blogging sister in Christ,


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