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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is anyone out there interested in canning? Anyone even the least bit interested in wanting to know more about preserving your own food?

If so, I'd like to invite you to visit my website, Canning Basics. I created it almost two years ago, and have slowly but surely been chipping away at it ever since. A page here, a page there......all in all I have a website nearing 50 pages of good, solid, and tested canning information!

My goal with the site is (1) to make money to be a help to my future husband and family and (2) to help ordinary people figure the in's and out's of canning and preserving. Since we used to be totally in the dark regarding food preservation, I've been there and know what it's like to be confused! As such, I try to write helpful, down-to-earth information and directions related to canning and preserving.

I share yummy jam and jelly recipes, as well as directions for canning meats, pie fillings, vegetables, fruits, and just about everything else!

If any of you are interested in canning, or know someone who is, I encourage you to please visit my site and share it with others! Part of improving my website is "getting the word out"; I need as many people as possible to know about my site, as it helps my site ranking at the various search engines.

And don't forget that I'm offering customizable canning labels FOR FREE through January 15, 2011! Click here to order some if you want and pass the word on to friends and family.

Thanks, everyone! Enjoy looking!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Rachel,

As always, I enjoyed your latest blog. It is so encouraging to hear of your love for Courtney and the closeness you feel toward her. Here is to another 20 for you both!


Dear Ol' Dad

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