Christmas At Our House

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas! We had a wonderful time together and it was another memorable Christmas day. Hard to believe that next year, Joshua will be with us to celebrate. And equally hard to believe that Isaac is finally with us this year! We spent more than one Christmas thinking about him.
We started out our Christmas by waking at 6:00 and opening our stockings. After a reading of the Christmas story, chores ensued, followed by a quick breakfast and house cleanup. And then? Presents!!

Large Family Logistics for Mom! Since we're nearing a total of eight people in our home, I guess we could be labeled as a "large family". (Never thought I'd have so many siblings!)

Mmmm! Sesame sticks for Mommy and Isaac!

Isaac got a magnetic puzzle from Mom and Dad. He is a puzzle fanatic and figures out how to do them amazingly fast.

Me, your faithful (well, I try to be) blogger. :-)

I got David his own special mug and a box of Mexican hot chocolate.

What's in this stuff, anyway?

The general chaotic-ness of our living room on Christmas day. It's always a mess when we're opening presents!

A wallet for David from our neighbor.

Flannel snowmen sheets for my bed! Cooozy!

David is well-known for getting chocolate, juice, and other favorite snacks for people's gifts. They're always a hit!

Isaac was SO excited to discover a John Deere tractor with a big bow on it this morning! He loves cars, semis (or M-mies as he calls them) and generally anything will wheels on them.

After opening presents we had a delicious Christmas feast...ham, mashed potatoes, cranberries, green beans, cranberry mousse, rolls......and later, pie. It was a wonderful Christmas day and I enjoyed it emmensely!


Leah said...

It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas! :-) Thanks for sharing.



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