I am so excited....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

....for Christmas! Obviously. :-)
Even though we don't have any snow here.....and even though there aren't any city bells clanging on cold winter nights...I'm still looking forward to Christmas. I truly think Christmas is the best time of the year.

When I was little I remember thinking that the month of December dragged on endlessly...it used to be so hard to wait! I can remember having butterflies flop in my stomach as we drove to our Christmas Eve service, and I disctinctly remember feeling so secure and happy as we lit each other's candles at the end of the service. Standing there with the warm glow of the candle on my face and the hot wax dripping down my fingers, I would feel like everything was so perfect!

Now that I've gotten older (okay, I'm not old, I'm only 17), the anticipation for Christmas is still there, but it's different. I still LOVE Christmas Eve and all the family traditions that go with it. And gift giving is equally fun. Perhaps the only difference between then and now is my perspective. When I was little, Christmas was all about presents. Of course, my parents have always made sure that we know what Christmas is really all about...we have always placed a huge emphasis on the true story of Christmas each year.

But when I was younger, my focus was on the fun of opening gifts, the good food, the family time, etc. Now that I'm older, although I still greatly enjoy those things, I can truly say that I know and embrace the true meaning of Christmas. It stuck with me for good! When you're 7, it's easy to say that Christmas is all about baby Jesus, and then rush forward with present opening. But it's a completely different thing to actually embrace and hold the real meaning of Christmas in your heart. Do you know what I mean?

I love how there is so much joy, excitement, and anticipation surrounding the birth of Christ. It's so perfect! In light of how significant a work Christ has done for us, Christmas is truly an incredibly special time. Now, I'm not talking about looking at a picture of baby Jesus and smiling, or driving by a Nativity scene and thinking, "that's nice"; I'm talking about realizing that the whole reason Jesus was born in a stable all those years ago was to resuce each of us from an eternity in hell!

That is incredibly spectacular! Don't you think? Jesus is so much more than we give HIM credit for. It's because of HIM that we can even celebrate Christmas. Let's not get so caught up in the business of the season that we lose sight of this fact.

I hope each of you are having a very Merry Christmas season with your family so far!


Leah said...

I know what you mean... The realization of why Christ was born, is life changing.
The joys of food, family, and presents will fall to the way side when it comes to our eternal destination!

Some times I get caught up with everyone else and stress out on gifts and material things.

The gift of grace is more than any one could ask for!

Thank you for the reminder of the beautiful reason for the season. :-)

I hope you have a blessed Christmas!


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