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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

For once, I don't have any pictures to share - I've been simply busy to take any! Since we started school a last week I've had my head swimming and have had hardly a moment to spare for blog stuff!  But I do have some words to post, so here we go.

School this year has been fine so far, just complicated and time-consuming.  I guess the "worst" subject so far has to be Chemistry. I just took my first chapter test, and......let's just say that I'll be taking it again in a few days.  After some more study. :-)

Remember how I said Emma, our cat, was pregnant again? Well, she had her kittens two weeks ago! Just like the first time, she chose a terrible spot to have her babies  -  our cloth porch swing - and we were forced to relocate them to a better spot.  She had six kittens, but now she has only five....we have NO idea what happened to #6!  Like I've said, we have a high cat death rate around here!  I'll have to post some pictures later in the week.

Isaac's language continues to explode.  It's been amazing to watch how his vocabulary has developed, especially since Joshua has been here.  They're constantly in competition, so if Joshua learns a word that Isaac doesn't know, you can pretty much guarantee that Isaac will have it nailed down by the end of the day!  In that respect, the competition has been helpful.  Now Isaac is speaking in clear, full sentences.  Consider the conversation I  had with him earlier today:

Isaac:  "Isaac go outside!  With Mama and Daddy - two parents."
Me: "You want to go outside?"
Isaac:  "Yes, I like to!"
Me: "Why do you want to go outside?"
Isaac:  "I need to."
Me: "Why do you need to?"
Isaac:  "Because."
Me:  "Because why?"
Isaac:  "Because God made me that way!"

That was totally unexpected! He's such a spunky little guy and chock full of personality.  Even though he's had about the worst bout of "terrible 3's" I think I've ever seen, I think he's coming out if it, bit by bit.  He took us completely by surprise, when, after having a tantrum and yelling "No Mama!", he went up to Mom on his own and said "Forgive me, Mama."  Wow!  Somehow, we must be getting through to him!

Also, I've recently found the greatest resource - I use this primarily for my ipod, but if you don't have an ipod it's still really helpful.  I enjoy listening to good Bible teachers, especially when they're going through a series, but sometimes it's hard to find a place to download or just listen to their current broadcasts.  So, I found oneplace.com -  and it's just what it says, One Place....the place to find all your favorite radio programs!  I've  been downloading a lot of Chip Ingram messages recently, specifically from his series "The Miracle of Life Change".  It's been great to go through....just thought some of you might find the link helpful, too.

I'm missing the beach and my grandparents.....that vacation was so incredibly fun and I'm already wishing I could go back!  But I do have a ton of pictures and lots of great memories.  Thanks again, Grandma and Grandpa, for such a fun time!

That's basically it for now.....that is, unless you want to hear about my new sandals I bought at Beall's the other day on sale.....or my entrepreneurial venture of buying a 12 lb. bag of chocolates and selling them to my siblings at a profit......or how much rain we've been getting the last few days.....or how I'm needing to go do some chores right now.....or how Mom's implemented a new plan in which Jonathan and David do their own laundry.....or....well, I guess I'll save all that for another post!


Ashlin said...

I'm doing Chemistry this year too, and I think it's my worst subject as well! Urg!

What Isaac said is so cute! I could quote little kids all day!

Megan said...

Hi Rachel,
I've been a lurker on your blog for several months after I followed a link over from Courtney's blog :)
I can semi-sympathize about the Chemisty. Although I haven't actually done the program, my younger sister is doing the Apologia and it does appear to be a lot of work (Yes, she too had to retake the first test :))
Hang in there and study hard!!

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