Animal Crackers

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our great friends the Doughty's recently made a trip to Texas for the San Antonio Independant Film Festival......while they were there, they did some souvenier shopping and brought Isaac and Josh home these:

"Texas" animal crackers!  The boys were thrilled.

Cuteness did I end up with such cute brothers?  Can't believe this little guy is about to turn five!

I ask Isaac and Josh probably twenty times a day, "Why are you so cute?" And they say "Because God made me that way."  And then I come with a follow up question, "Why did He make you that way?"
"Because He loves me!"  *Sigh*  I love these little guys.

Joshua pointing to his "fave-it".

What they got.....

....and, what I got.

Yes, big sis was lucky to even get their rejected crumbs.  But it was something anyway.....

My blog will be slightly quiet here the next week or so as my Dad, brother, and I head to Nebraska for a week-long trip!  Won't be blogging while I'm there, so you all will just have to live without me....:-)

And yes, I realize that my blog header is still from Christmas.  How embarrassing.  I need to purchase more blog space because as of now they won't allow me to upload any more pictures.  So when I have the time to take care of that little chore, maybe this blog will actually look normal.  :-)


The Farmgirl said...

Rachel, Praying that y'all have a great trip to Nebraska!We hope you will share all about it when you get back...May God bless you and keep you in His Care! In Him, Teresa P.S. those cookies were that Cowboy-Texas stuff :)

Lesley said...

AHH!!! You're coming to NE???!!! Will we get to see you? If you're stopping by my family let us know and maybe Ben and I can come say Hi! :)

Rachel's Blog said...

Lesley, yes we are coming to NE! Very excited about that. We would LOVE to connect with you guys if it works out....I sent Angelica an email several days ago but haven't heard back from her.

Hopefully will see you next week! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Daughter Rachel,

Thanks again for all the ministry you do in our family. You are a great blessing.

Dear Ol' Dad

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