Brothers, Jonah, and pullups

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring is definitely here.  It is so nice and warm now! 

 Yes, Isaac looks a little, uh, disturbed here.  I was having a hard time trying to get him to actually smile.  It's because he didn't want to pose with me.  He wanted to pose with big bro David!

 And here are the results!!  This picture would have been perfect if David's eyes had been open.  However it was too priceless not to post.  Isaac and David have a very close bond ~ Isaac looks up to David so much and is always wanting to play with him. 

 So special!

Isaac and Josh also have a close bond.  Right now they are learning how to do "family service" - our word for chores.  I had them sweep the kitchen floor together the other day, and heard the phrase "No, these MY crumbs!" being said on the verge of tears from Josh.  Fighting over crumbs!  It's good to know that I have a little brother so passionate about house chores!  May this continue!

They are quite into the story of Jonah right now.  At dinner tonight, as we were discussing what story we were going to read before bedtime (Mom and Dad went out on a date, leaving me to do the bedtime routine!), Joshua suggested Jonah.  "How 'bout Jonah? It's my favorite.

And then we went on to discuss the different types of pullups Mama buys.   Isaac chimed in that the orange was his favorite, while Joshua's is always green.  And then they wanted to know did Rachel used to wear pullups too?  Green ones?  They thought it was hysterical when I told them I used to wear pink pullups when I was little. 

Ah, they joys of toddlerhood.  What would my life be without them?


The Farmgirl said...

Such cuties to surround you with laughter and giggles...How fun!

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