A Goat Birth

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Since I don't have my goatie-pies any more.....some dear friends invited me to come over and watch their incredible milker and humungously pregnant goat Ruby, give birth a few days ago! 

 Rachael the girl and Ruby the goat await the painful and (for me, usually) heart-stopping event.  Look how wide she is!  There was a reason for that wideness...........

 The first of THREE boys to say hello to the world!  So cute!  I love the little airplane ears Oberhaslis have.

 Bethany with the first little stinker.  All dried off and full of yummy milk.

 For being all boys, they sure managed to be cute!  All baby goats are adoreable, in my opinion.  It's just the boys that get rather - um, unmanageable as adults.   But you'd never know it from this picture.  :-)  Look at that little guy!

 Two down, one to go.  The girls were sure that the last one was a doe......until the said-girl got dried off and let everyone know otherwise.  "Rosie" became "Roger"....or whatever they decided to name the former girl!

I had a great time getting to watch Ruby's kidding.....it brought back great memories of my own little herd.  Another testimony to the awesomeness of God's creation!


The Farmgirl said...

Goat babies are adorable...what a treat for you to be there for the birth!

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